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To automatically populate the list of Tasks upon selecting ‘Priority’ in a Notification.

Different sets of Tasks will be populated automatically according to the selected ‘Priority’ value.


Because this process is based on a ‘Priority type’ which is assigned to a notification, often custom notification types are preferred for this process.

(This is where the standard notifications prefer other priority types.)

Here the custom notification type is ‘AC‘ and a case of Overhauling process of HVAC equipments is demonstrated.

The End result of this document is illustrated here:

Create a notification, select the priority ( Say here ‘PAC O/H’ ) , then in the menu bar go for

Edit –> Tasks  –> Determine .

Set of tasks relevant to ‘PAC O/H’ are populated automatically, as shown in the images1,2,3  below.

Image1 (IW21/IW22)






Now let’s see what is to be done to achieve this:

1.SPRO: Define Priority






In above picture, Rel.end field specifies the number of days the job takes to complete.

(Determines the Required Start and Required end dates of the Notification upon selecting the prioirty)

Note the Priority numbers in the above picture (1,2,3,4,5 etc), which will be referred in the forthcoming steps



2. QS41: Create Task CodeGroup (ACOH)& Codes

(List of all jobs related to all types of HVAC equipments)


3.SPRO: Define Response Monitoring



Create Response Profile ‘00000005’


Specify the Catalog type (2), Code Groups and Codes as under against priority values 1,2,3 etc (Referred above)

(So many number of priority values as many the equipment types)


Define Service Profile.




Specify Service profile and Response Profile against Notification type.


Now your Notification Type ‘AC’ is enabled to determine tasks automatically, different set of tasks with different value of ‘Priority type’ as demonstrated in the beginning of this document.

Application in maintenance plans using Notifications:

See the picture below. When these settings are made during the plan creation, the triggered notifications come alongwith the set of Tasks.


Thank you

-Jogeswara Rao K

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  1. Former Member

    Dear Jogeswara Rao,

    I tried to create a response profile but unable to proceed. System is throwing an error message when I enter the value in ‘Priority’ field by selecting from the dropdown list.

    Message is as follows:

    Initial entry not accepted as value

    Message no. BG083

    What could be the possible reason?

    Thanks and Best Regards…. J K.

  2. Former Member

    I did that too (i.e. after entering the values in all the fields by using the dropdown list). Now I am getting another error message:

    Specify the key within the work area

    Message no. SV033


    You have attempted to create an entry whose key is not in the range defined
    for this area.

    System Response

    The entry cannot be created.


    Please check your entry.

    Thanks and Best Regards… J K

    1. Jogeswara Rao K Post author

      You have to ensure that the code group and code you are giving are there in the system

      This is the work you are supposed to do through Tcode QS41 (Catalog 2).

      You can try with available task code group and codes. It will accept.

      Jogswara Rao K

      1. Former Member

        Dear Jogeswara Rao,

        First I created Catalog for Catalog Type 2 (Tasks) with new Code Group (Released) & Codes.

        Then I created a Catalog Profile and assigned the Catalog Type 2 with the New Code Group that I created.

        Then I assigned this Catalog Profile in the Notification Type.

        Then I created New Priority Type with New Priorities

        Then I assigned the Priority Type in Notification Type.

        When I wanted to create a Response Profile I am not able to do that. I am getting an error message.

        For information, I am able assign the codes in the Notification task fields. System is accepting and I saved the notification also without any error, which means my catalog creation and the other configurations are correct. Isn’t it?

        Please let me know if any new ideas comes to your mind.

        Thanks. J K 

  3. Former Member

    My Notification Type is different, not the std. one.

    I have removed the catalog profile assignment to the notification type also. still the same issue.

    1. Chandra H

      I was able to create one sucessfully. Is there any way we can transfer the same tasks to the work order operations via IW26? I know these are two different objects..

  4. Former Member

    Dear Jogeswara Rao,


    Thank you so much, for sharing this document.

    I need some clarification, I’m facing some problem with auto task list determination line item wise.

    We configured Response profile and service profile and it determine task list from response profile.

    But the problem is in QM notification i need this task list determination Item level not in header level.

    After defects and causes this task list determination should done.

    Please help me to get task list determination item level.




  5. Amit Agrawal


    Hello Rao Sir,

    Thanks for this useful document. It helped me immensely while configuring response profile for my client. WE used it to generate CAPA tasks.

    One question, I am finding that priority disappears from my notification after saving. Every time I go to QM02, I have to re-enter the same. Can you please advise if this is some config issue?

  6. Salil Vaidya

    Thanks a lot for such a wonderful post. The only question i have is, is there a way to populate tasks automatically without asking user to click on Task->Determine. That is the requirement i have.


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