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Workaround for hiding fields in the screen of PD infotypes

You can find this info in note 1874072 – Workaround for hiding fields in the screen of PD infotypes. Example in PP01.

This document try to show how to hide a field of a PD infotype which is not obligatory according to the standard screen logic of that infotype.
There is not any direct view or customizing designed in HCM which would allow to hide fields in the screens of PD infotypes, compared to view V_T588M for PA infotypes. But there is an alternative workaround by creating a screen variant, which would allow some modifications on the variant fields

1. Enter SHD0 transaction and select the transaction code for which you would like to create an screen variant, then select a name for the variant


2. Press CREATE, when you do this, the transaction is called. You then need to navigate to the infotype screen which you want to change, for example CREATING in PP01 an entry of the target infotype. In this example, relationship infotype is created.

3. When you create the new infotype entry in PP01, a subscreen will appear informing of the screen fields of PP01, For these screens, just press OK to continue to next point. Do not press “Exit and Save” here, otherwise you would not reach the desired infotype screen.


4. The screen of the desired infotype is reached


5. Just press ENTER, then again the subscreen with the technical field names will appear again. At this point, press “Exit and Save”


6. In the next step, you will need to name and save all the variants created. Once done, you can return to the SHD0 screen, and there you will see the screen variants just created.


Here, you can remove from the list the variants corresponding to previous screens of PP01, as no modification is wanted there, they are useless. After removing them from the list, the the variant for MP100100 remains.


7.In this step, we are going to modify the screen variant so we can get the expected results. In this example, we are hiding the Weight field of the screen, which can be done by hiding three fields. We select the screen variant and press “modify” from the top icon bar of SHD0. Then we hide fields: Q1001-WICHT, P1001-PROZT, Q1001-PROZENT


8. Now we can test the result, with the execute button, to see we selected the expected fields


9. Once everything is as expected, we can activate the transaction variant for the standard transaction


or we can create a new custom transaction, which will call the desired transaction with the variant



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      Author's profile photo Shyamu Raja Murthy
      Shyamu Raja Murthy

      Good information, Manuel.

      Author's profile photo Guillermo Ballesteros
      Guillermo Ballesteros

      Hi Manuel,

      I agree it is interesting to distribute this kind of knowledge with all the community, but as you directly copied the content of your blog and screenshots (even the title) from SAP "KBA 1874072 - Workaround for hiding fields in the screen of PD infotypes. Example in PP01." I would have expected that you have specified this directly in your blog and give proper credit of ownership.

      Best regards,