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How to create Report by using SQVI


i would like share document for how to create report by using SQVI. I know Some of consultants aware about this. I am sharing this for who don’t have any idea about SQVI Query.

Transaction Code : SQVI (Quick Viewer)

enter name in place of quick view and click on create.


enter Title like description and select data source table join



Again click on table and enter table which should be link to previous table. Example in EKKO  Po number it is linked to EKPO PO number.


Now extract the table which is showing left side


Here two rows showing 1)  list fields 2) selection fields 


selection fields means in selection screen what fields required , these fields  are display in input selection screen

list fields means out put format.

Example i am selecting purchase document number, document date and material number as input fields.

and out put filed as material number, vendor number,PO number, item number, Po amount, Po qty, delivery date and scheduling qty, quantity of goods received, issued qty, PR number, PR item number   .

If you want one filed as input and out put select both. If you want in only input screen then select only selection fields, if you want as out put select only list fields. For example see below screen


Once selection is completed, please save it.


Now execute (F8)

After lot of comments and suggestions, i am adding little more use full to other users.

First thanks to our greatest Lion Jurgen 🙂 for sharing the below documents. Lot of users they asking queries how we can see SQVI maintained report in other user. I am only R&D on SQVI, may be this is reason i am not found proper result. But Jurgen provided beautiful link, We can see now other user sqvi reports in our system.

Hope it is very helpfull to all.

Thanks for Jurgen .

Jurgen is always 100% right. 😘 ……..

If is there any mistakes. Please excuse ………

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