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As my earlier document i explained how to create reports by using SQVI.

Now i want to share my knowledge to little bit. Below i explained how to create transaction code for our new report

Go to SQVI

See screen 1 in attachment


enter your quick view and execute

See screen 2 in attachment.


Go to menu bar  —-> status double click on program

See screen 3 & 4 in attachment

click on Display object list (Ctrl+Shift+F5)

See screen 5 & 6 in attachment



Select object name and click on right button and select create —> transaction.

See screen 7 & 8 in attachment



enter transaction code and description, select second option.

See screen 9 in attachment


and click on enter.

copy program name and paste in place of program in left side screen.

and select all three options in GUI support and save.

See screen 10 in attachment

screen 11.png

Now go back and call your transaction code z -tcode 

See screen 11 in attachment

and execute your report.

See screen 12 &13  in attachment


now we can use transaction code with out using SQVI for generating report..

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  1. J├╝rgen L

    Quite complicated.

    I would just select the query in SQVI and choose from menu  Quick view > additional functions > display report name.

    then I would go to SE93 and create my transaction

    1. Ravindra Devarapalli Post author

      Hi Jurgen,

      Thanks for you reply. Even though if you want to go SE93 transaction code also should  copy program and  should check what i have done in my document . I gave step by step process in detail that is the reason it is showing little bit complication.

  2. Kokwei Wong

    There is this problem that I encountered that the program name generated in PROD might be different from DEV where the transaction code is created from.

    Any suggestion to resolve this?


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