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ABAP and JSON? Didn’t we had that before? Yes we had but since the JSON support was made available in Release 7.40 and downported to 7.02 and 7.31 (SAP Notes 1648418 and 1650141) it shouldn’t be missed in a systematic overview over all important ABAP News for Release 7.40.

I will take the chance to shortly wrap up the facts about ABAP and JSON and point to the documentation where you can learn more.


JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lean data exchange format, see JSON- Short Overview.


The support of JSON in ABAP is based on the support of XML (but note that JSON is not XML).

A new format IF_SXML=>CO_XT_JSON of the sXML-Library allows JSON data to be handled with the same ABAP tools (methods and statements) as XML.

The trick is the usage of a JSON-XML-Format that maps JSON to XML and vice versa.

Like XML data, JSON data can be

When serializing ABAP data to JSON and deseralizing from JSON data to ABAP, you deal with asJSON, the canonical representation of ABAP data. asJSON can be seen as the JSON-XML representation of asXML (although there is not such an intermediate step internally).


Examples can be found here and also here.

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    1. Horst Keller
      Post author

      It is really weird. I observe the following for URLs like :

      • With MS Internet Explorer sometimes I can access the URL  but sometimes I get the HTTP 404 errors.
      • With Firefox, Chrome and my Blackberrry I can always acces the URL.
      • With MS Internet Explorer I can always access the same files stored locally on my disk.

      I have no clue, why MS Internet Explorer does not work from time to time..

      If it doesn’t work for you, please also try another browser.

      1. RĂ¼diger Plantiko

        I just tested it in this moment: The link

        gives HTTP404 in all my browsers:

        • MSIE,
        • Firefox, and
        • Chrome

        (didn’t check my Android phone, but I am pretty sure to have the same result there).

        I usually join any choir of Microsoft IE blamers – almost always there are good reasons.

        But this time, it seems to be the fault of the Microsoft IIS which apparently is used to serve đŸ™‚  [Why not SAP Web AS with BSP, by the way?]

        Regards, Rüdiger

        1. Horst Keller
          Post author

          [Why not SAP Web AS with BSP, by the way?]

          In fact, I have prepared that.

          Not BSP, but my own handmade HTTP-Service (see–abap-keyword-docu-for-adt).

          Run program ABAP_DOCU_WEB_VERSION in any AS ABAP as of 7.02 and you’ll see (even examples are executable since 7.40).

          All you need to do is to convince somebody to setup an AS ABAP and make the service publicly available đŸ˜‰ .


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