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Configuration of Remittance Checks Adobeforms in SPRO

Type of Object – FORM

Description – Configuration of Remittance Checks Adobeforms in SPRO

Process – FI

Document Purpose

Generally we configure SAP Script for Remittance Checks in SPRO.

Below is the configuration of Remittance Checks for Adobe forms in SPRO.

Configuration Details

Transaction SPRO

Financial Accounting (New) -> Banking Accounting -> Business Transaction -> Check Deposit -> Define Form


Click Define Forms


Transaction Code – FF68

Enter Bank Key, Bank Account, Currency, Group, Username, Entry Date, Transaction, Posting Date, Value Date and Currency.


Click Individual List


Output Device- ZPDF and click Print Preview

Output will be as below:


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  • Really not much of a blog, just a few screenshots and paths.

    How about adding some descriptions, background, why you’d want to do this etc. so that it is more useful and interesting?