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Often there are requirements like having a common large tasklist for a category of equipments and choosing the operations selectively into the Maintenance Order depending upon the equipment specifications on which the order is being made.

Let me explain with an example:.

Suppose there are 100 motors falling into 6 categories as under:



Capacity (KW)



Squirrel Cage Induction (SQI)












Slip Ring  (SLR)











Now the operations to carry-out the work on these machines vary with different ratings (specifications), often due to the variance in the amount of work involved.

We can have all operations of such 6 categories of 100 equipments in a single large tasklist, yet use in maintenance orders created on these equipments.

i.e., While creating the maintenance order, system would choose only those operations from the tasklist which are relevant to the equipment on which the order is being made .

Such tasklist  is called a ‘Configurable Tasklist’.

Let’s assume the common large tasklist (General Maintenance tasklist) we have for all these motors is  the one shown here, which is to be configured.


Now let us see how, the tasklist is configured.

1. Create the characteristics (CT04)

Create a capacity characteristic for ‘MOTOR_CAP’.


          Now, specify the values and save.


Similarly  create a Type characteristic for ‘MOTOR_MDL’.


Specify the values and save.


2. Create a class (CL02) ,

Say class  ‘MOTOR_TYPES’  (type ‘300’),

Assign characteristics created  above and save.



3. Object dependencies (CU01)

Create object dependencies as below:

Here dependency ‘SQI5.5’ illustrated.


Go to  ‘Dependency Editor’  and  specify the dependency  as shown here.


Come back to CU01 initial screen and set the Status to ‘Released’

Similar dependencies to be made for all combinations of Capacity and Type, viz.,




SLR7.5   and


Here another illustration is given for dependency ‘SQI7.5’.



Come back to CU01 initial screen and set the Status to ‘Released’

4. Tasklist configuration profile (CU41)

Create a Configuration Profile selecting General Maintenance Tasklist.


Create as shown below.


When you click on Class assignment icon (2) above, you will be in the screen below.

Here, do not give values in the Characteristic value fields and Do not forget to select the ‘Std Class‘ check-box.

5. Assign the class to equipments (IE02).

Assign class ‘MOTOR_TYPES’ to the these 100 equipments, with respective characteristic values as shown below:

(Go to ‘Class Overview’ screen and assign)


6. Assign the dependencies to tasklist operations (IA06):

As shown here:



Assign dependencies to all the tasklist operations which are equipment specific, in a similar way.

Leave the common operations untouched.

Now, the configuration is complete.

Let’s see what effect this exrecise has while selecting tasklist in an order  (IW31/32).

Menu :  Extras –> Tasklist selection –> Direct Entry

In the popup,  give the Tasklist group and counter, as shown.


In the resulting screen,  give the characteristic values of the order equipment,


Click ‘Back’ and go to the operations tab.

Here is the result:


System has chosen the relevant dependency operation (0040) and two operations, where no dependencies were specified. (0070, 0080).

This work can be extended to a tasklist of 100’s of operations covering 1000s of equipments.

In my experience, very common application has been in Repair shops where equipments like Motors are repaired. Here very few numbers of Configurable tasklists are maintained covering 1000s of motors.


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  1. Former Member

    Nice article but just wondering why user needs to mention the values for charateristics at the time of Task List selection.The system should be smart enough to read these characterisitcs values from equipment master and choose the relevant operations by itself.

    1. Jogeswara Rao K Post author

      Thank you for the comments,

      That’s exactly I was researching for, But this was not possible. Ther must be some way. If this happens this would be more useful.

      The constraint is we can not give the values in the Profile (CU41)

      Jogeswara Rao K

      1. Former Member

        HI Jogeswara Rao,

        I just found the solution to this problem.You need to use configurable material in equipment master so the characteristics values will be copied by default.Please let me know if you need step by step solution.



        1. Jogeswara Rao K Post author

          Yes, Now I recall, I used to do something with Configurable material also,

          You may prepare a document like this (referring to this as a continuation) and post it.

          This will be in the interest of everyone including you.

          Hope Thyagarajan agrees with me.

          Thank You.

          Jogeswara Rao K

  2. Patrick S.

    Dear Jogeswara,

    WOW! What a great function – I was even not aware about this feature of the task list.

    Thanks a lot for this illustrative and well explained business case scenario!

    Jogeswara, I have one question:

    I’m just wondering if you are using the EQ (which you classified upfront) as reference object in the PM order & then you insert the task list – why do have to enter the characteristic values manually? Isn’t it possible that they are automaticall taken from the reference object and so the relevant operations are chose also automatically?

    And this leads me to the next question:

    Is it possible to use this also in preventive PM orders, which are created by IP30 deadline monitoring (run by an auto-job). Because for this function you’d also need an automatic assigned of relevant operations over the classification of the reference object (EQ in maintenance item)?

    I hope I’m not the only one who came up with this question/idea.

    Kind regards,


    1. Jogeswara Rao K Post author

      Hi Patrick,

      Your are right about your question about automatic characteristic values.

      Please see the link above.

      About the second question, it looks logical, but my senses say things are not that easy in SAP. We need to explore.

      kind regards Patrick,

      Have Great week ahead.

      Jogeswara Rao K

      1. Former Member

        Hi Rao, are there any way to use configurable task list with a functional location?, pleasee keep in mind that you can not use configurable material in a functional location, in order to recover the characteristic (300) value.

        Kind regards and thanks in advance for your help.


        1. Jogeswara Rao K Post author

          I never imagined a situation where Configurable Tasklist will be required for other than General Maintenance Tasklist ( i.e.,for a Technical Object), for obvious reasons. Hence the answer.



          1. Former Member

            Hi Rao, I’m not clear with your answer. anyways the scenario is that I would like to maintain several equipments which are in the same functional location, but based on the number of equipment (characteristic 300 in the FL), multiply the duration of each operation in the task list, in order to find out the total duration of every activities depending on the number of the equipments in that particular FL. In this way I do not need to create one task list for each functional location.

            Kind regards,



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