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Benefits enrollment configuration unleashed:)Part 1/Part 2

He is limiting the configuration only on Health Plans enrollment.while there are also other Plans like Insurance plans,Saving Plans,Stock purchase plans,Flexible spending accounts,Credit Plans,Miscellaneous plans,Holiday Plans,Pension plans,Company plans,Claims.He encourages audience to play around configuring the same 😉


Basic settings->define benefit area


click feature


Basic settings->Assign Currency to Benefit Area


basic settings->Define Benefit Providers



Basic sttings->Set Current Benefit Area


benfits->basic settings->Define Benefit Plan Types

benfits->basic settings->define benefit plan status
benfits->basic settings->define benefit plan status


benfits->basic settings->Define Employee Criteria Groups


benfits->basic settings->Define Employee Criteria Groups->define parameter roups


define cost grouping


Define Credit Groupings


Define Coverage Groupings


Define Employee Contribution Groupings


Benefits->Health Plans->Define Health Plan General Data


Benefits->Health Plans->Define Options for Health Plans


Benefits->Health Plans->Define dependent coverage options


Benefits->Health Plans->Define Minimum and Maximum Number of Dependents


Benefits->Health Plans->Define Cost variants


Benefits->Health Plans->Define Cost rules


Benefits->Health Plans->Assign Health Plan Attributes


Benefits->Health Plans->Define Evidence of Insurability Conditions


Benefits->Flexible Administration
Benefits->Flexible Administration->Define Administrative Parameters


Benefits->Flexible Administration->Define Administrative Parameters->Prerequisites and Corequisites->Define Prerequisite Plans


Benefits->Flexible Administration->Define Administrative Parameters->Prerequisites and Corequisites->Define Define Corequisite Plans

continued in the next one..

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  • This post could improve with some additional details. A stream of screenshots without any context or description isn’t very helpful for something trying to learn this stuff.

      • Hi buddy,

        As i am new to benefit sub-module,i have doubt in Define Administrative Parameters if we are giving one year date here as a open enroll ment date then what about next year, i mean process to change it, we need to do changes in this node or anywhere else,as here we don’t have any date option to delimit this node.

        llly when the “NO” option will be used & “Define Benefit Adjustment Reasons” whatever reasons we create when they will be used i.e. when enrollment date is over.

        • Hari

          This is precisely for administrative purpose.The benefit plan is open for enrollment in the period that is maintained and its benefit area level.V_5UB3_1

          hope it helps.

          no worries