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Access Sequence – Tax Classification:

Access Sequence – Tax Classification:

Whenever, more than one tax condition type (with the table field – “Tax Classification” remaining the same) is involved as part of the pricing procedure then there could be issues in determining the condition records.

Consider the following scenario as an example:

For the material and customer master, we have three tax condition types namely ZIVC, ZIVP, ZIVV (sequentially) maintained under the tax classification. This is based on the OVK3 and OVK4 settings in SPRO.

Now the Tax Classification value that we maintain in the material master / Customer master for the first condition type (ZIVC) is also getting considered for the other two condition types. (IF the table field used is “Tax Classification” for all the  condition types).

In order to avoid this incorrect determination of the tax classification, we need to change the access sequence in such a way that the table field – “Tax Classification” is being used for the First condition type – ZIVC ;  “Tax Classification 2” is being used for the Second condition type – ZIVP and “Tax Classification 3” is being used for the third condition type – ZIVV. In short, the following access sequence has to be followed:

Access Sequence – combination change:

Access Sequence.JPG

Access Sequence.JPG
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