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What it takes to set up PI Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager

When you read the title of this blog, you could ask yourself the question: Why should there be a blog about such an easy matter? Well, the answer is fairly simple: I’m struggling since the end of last year (*) with the setup of PI monitoring on a SAP Process Orchestration 7.31 (single stack) system and a SAP Solution Manager 7.1 system. And I just want to share the problems and odd situations I encountered during the setup.

XI domain in the SLD

All components must be registered in the SAP Solution Manager’s SLD:

BLOG 1.jpg

This cannot be achieved using the classical way of registering a system in the SLD.

See OSS Note 1631346 for more information about the registration process. Also implement OSS note 1755427 to fix a bug.

PI Domain Overview

BLOG 2.jpg

The red traffic light for System Monitoring Configuration Status is not correct. Apply OSS Note 1843838 to fix this bug.

Load meta-data
Within this step, background job SMSETUP: MAI_PI_INITIALIZE will be launched on the SAP Solution Manager system, but a short dump (program: SAPLE2E_SETUP and exception:  ERROR_IN_RESPONSE ) is generated. Apply OSS note 1850565 to fix this bug.

When you see no activity or no result during the setup in SAP Solution Manager, please use the button Execute Selected instead of Execute All. This is also a bug in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP6.

Message Alerting

Within this step, SAP Solution Manager can register itself as consumer for SAP NW PI message alerts.

This error was encountered: Error in Message Alerting Web Service for domain domain.01.sappo: SOAP:1.007 SRT: Unsupported xstream found: (“HTTP Code 404 : Not Found”).

This is a bug in the Managed System setup for SAP Solution Manager SP06 and can be fixed by choosing 1 of these options

  • Apply LM Service Patch 02 for SP06
  • Perform these steps
    • Execute function module “E2E_WS_CONN_LOG_PORT_CREATION”
    • CLIENT = blank
    • PASSWORD = users’ password

Set the flag for “Upper/Lower cases” because passwords usually contain small letters.

System parameters

Within this step, managed system parameters and java parameters must be filled in.

Do not confuse the Message Server Port with the Load Balancer Port.

The entries for Load Balancer Host and Load Balancer Port are used to create the URL for HTTP based communication. Also to create logical ports, the system needs to create the endpoint URLs of all the web services, based on these parameters.

When the Web Service call is send to the Message Server Port, it gets redirected to an instance. These redirects are blocked in the Web Service Runtime for security reasons.

The only possible workaround is the usage of a Web Dispatcher or the usage of an http(s) port of any instance in the Managed System setup step.

Please note that, if you change one of these parameters, you have to re-execute the step for logical port creation.

[ Update 09.07.2013 ]

Load meta-data – part II

There was still an error in this part. Make sure OSS note 1883225 is implemented.

Users and authorizations

Make sure the user, used to perform the PI Monitoring setup, also exists on the Process Orchestration system.

Roles to be assigned:


In case you still have an error pointing to missing authorizations, please do the things mentioned below, based on you system:


[ Update 31.07.2013 ]

We recently upgraded our Solution Manager system to SP08 and now, we face the problem that the Business Process Management part is being greyed out:


To solve the problem, take transaction SOLMAN_SETUP -> Technical Monitoring -> System Monitoring -> Define Scope. Take your SAP PI/PO system and go to Setup Monitoring.

On the highest level in the three (in my case <SID>~JAVA), click on assign templates.

Make sure template SAP NetWeaver CE is assigned to product SAP Netweaver CE x.xx (x.xx is your installed version). Apply and activate the settings.

The result:


(*) Keep in mind this is the lead time and not the time spent on the solution.

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  • Hi Dimitri,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences via this blog!

    I’m also struggling for some time now to get proper monitoring of PO via Solution Manager, and most of the stuff is working correctly now.

    Unfortunately I’m still facing an issue with the monitoring of the BPM part of PO, that remains grayed out in the PI monitoring overview.

    I have created this forum thread to address the issue (, but maybe you have a solution for this?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Mark,

      We are currently upgrading our Solution Manager 7.1 system to SP08.

      After that, I will check our PI monitoring again.

      Keep you posted…

      Kind regards,


      • Hi Dimitri

        I’m going crazy trying to set up PI 7.31 java only with SOLMAN 7.1

        Have you any blog or “How to” with the basic steps?

        Thanks in advance. Great blog!

        Kind regards


        • Hi Javier,

          I guess you executed the system preparation and basic configuration steps successfully on your solution manager?

          Also, did you activate System Monitoring for your PO system?

          And third, did you go through all the PI monitoring steps successfully?

          Kind regards,


          • Hi Dimitri, thanks for your quick response.

            I’m new in solution manager and my initial requirement was to activate message alerting in PI. Trying to do that, I followed the document “Message Alerting for SAP NetWeaver PI Advanced Adapter Engine Extended”, but is not working, PI is connected to SM but no alerts are triggered to my alert inbox, http://<host>:<port>/AdapterFramework/alerting/ping.jsp alert test didn’t work either

            I tested successfully the inbox with RSALERTTEST report.

            So my next step was try to set up Solution Manager in order to have both systems correctly connected.

            Only add that the SM was configured previously by experts, but PI was not in the environment in that moment.

            Now i’m involved in this set up, rather, lost in this set up

            Help is welcome


            Kind regards


          • Hi Javier,

            Message alerting in SAP PI is something else.

            Alerts can be sent via e-mail, or you can link them to PI Monitoring in Solution Manager.

            In case you want to send alerts via e-mail only, there is no need to have PI monitoring in place.

            Hope this clarifies.

            Kind regards,


          • Hi Dimitri

            I know, my first approach was to use alert rules in Integration Builder because is easier for me. But now the company wants SM as central monitoring system

            Thanks in advance


          • Hi Javier,

            As I already stated before:

            • I guess you executed the system preparation and basic configuration steps successfully on your solution manager?
            • Also, did you activate System Monitoring for your PO system?
            • And third, did you go through all the PI monitoring steps successfully?

            Make sure the 3 steps above are completed successfully. In case you face a problem or error, raise a question within this community or within the Solution Manager community.

            Good luck!

            Kind regards,


      • Hi Mark,

        Our upgrade to SP08 finished successfully.

        But when I checked the PI monitoring again, I face exactly the same problem concerning the BPM being greyed out 😐

        I guess we should open an OSS call.

        You can do it or I will do it. Up to you.

        Afterwards, I will add the feedback to this blog to have everything in 1 location.

        Kind regards,


  • Hi Dimitri,

    thanks for your blog. It has been of great help in helping me resolve the same errors as you have reported.

    I have successfully configured PI monitoring in our Solman 7.1 SP8 system except message alerting is not working. I have successfully completed step 5.7 Component-Based Alerting and all Alert Rules have been loaded in our Solution Manager. Solution Manager is successfully added as a Consumer of the Alerts. However, Alerts generated from PI are not being  sent to the Alert Inbox. After reviewing the Alert Browser I have identified that All Alert Rules are automatically generated in Solution Manager as a metric in the Central Adapter Engine using data provider PIMESSAGEALERTING_JAVA. However, I notice in the Data Usage tab the Alerting/Status-Monitoring and BI Reporting flags are unchecked. All other metrics created show this flag as checked. Could this be the cause of my problem? Can you confirm in your system that these flags should be checked for Alerting to work in Solution Manager? Is there anything else I can check to determine the root cause. Below is the screenshow I am referring to.

    PI Alert Error.jpg

    PI Alert Error.jpg