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Number of customers may run in to tens of thousands in certain industry verticals like retail of various consumer products. It is very tedious not to mention time-consuming to maintain master data for each customer. SAP has provision of one time customer which provides good functionality to minimize dependence on permanent master data.

Just like normal customer master creation, you create one-time customer by using account group ‘CPD’ and maintain general data, company code data & ales area data.

When you create a sales order, specify your one-time customer (ID) as sold-to-party and system will prompt to enter new customer details as shown under:

Enter one time customer id & change customer name, address & contact details in pop-up screen and proceed.

Details for one time customer will appear on the sales order. Proceed with sales order

Similarly, we can use one-time customer id and enter new customer details for another sales order.


Karuna Ravuri

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  1. Former Member

    Thanks a lot Karuna for the information 🙂

    worth to mention for those who creates the new account group for one time customer for the first time , that they have to indicate its a one time customer group by checking the field on the account group .

  2. Pradeep Mani

    Nice document,i have never tried with One time customer,even i am confused how it will used.This gave me a good insight in the area of One time customer



  3. K P

    Hello karuna Nice blog. But it was difficult to check the details of the screen shot as the resolution is low. It would be helpful, if u can upload screens shots of higher resoulution.

    I had a question as to how we are going to control the sales area we enter for this one time customer.

    For example if I create a customer using one time account group “CPD” for sales area “AAA AA AA” and while creating a sales order you need to enter a customer for which the sales area is required as  “XXX XX XX”

    How to manage this issue ?

    Thanks In Advance,


    1. Former Member Post author

      Thank you Kishor 🙂 . Regarding sales area, define common distributional channels & divisions and then you can use same master data for all sales areas. But then this will be applicable for all master data, therefore it will be a business decision.

  4. Former Member

    One important thing. One-Time customers cannot be used in down payments, or with any other posing with special G/L indicator (Note 19638).

    Also, you cannot change account group for One-Time customers trough XD07.

    1. Former Member

      Dear Ayu,

      int uses internal number range(system provides the no range internally) whereas ext uses external no range.

      As far as your 2nd question is concerned, its the client decision which no range to use, but it’s advisable to use internal no range since there may be many one time customers and we can’t remember what was the no of this xyz customer.


      Thanks and Regards,




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