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This morning I was watching a piece on the BBC Breakfast News about how train operators are borrowing techniques from Formula 1 teams to help keep their trains operating more smoothly. It was quite an interesting piece – you can watch it here (that is probaby a UK-only link – sorry). If you watched it, did you spot something familiar just after a minute into the clip? SAPgui! Did you recognise the transaction? It looks like IW59 to me (or maybe IW58, I couldn’t tell). Only once before have I seen SAPgui and an SAP transaction in a context that wasn’t specifically about SAP – in one episode (can’t remember which) of season 4 of 24. I believe that was a screen from Corporate Finance Management!

Have you ever spotted SAP in a TV show, or maybe even a movie?

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  1. Steffi Warnecke

    Hmm, now that you mention it… SAP is such a global player and series and movies often show offices and stuff, but I can’t remember seeing SAP screens or just the logo anywhere. At least not consciously. That’s kind of strange. 😕

    I’m a big fan of series and movies and will keep my eyes peeled now for this! The hunt is on!

      1. Steffi Warnecke

        Oh I will. Since it’s obviously seldom to find some SAP on TV, now it’s kind of a treasure hunt. Has anybody seen my fedora and whip?

      2. Satish Babu


        If you are an F1(formula1) racing fan you can often find SAP on tv..

        Because SAP is a official team sponser of Vodafone Mclaren mercedes F1 team.

        The name is also present on their F1 car bodies.



  2. Midhun VP

    Yes as you mentioned the link is not working for me ( India ).

    Unfortunately I haven’t seen SAP in any films or in a TV show 😐 . I will notice it in the future.

    1. Steve Rumsby Post author

      Unfortunately, the BBC don’t allow their content to be viewable outside the UK. Nothing I can do about it, I’m afraid…


  3. Paul Hardy

    if SAP were GOOGLE you could have not just a TV appearance, but a whole film saying how good you were…

    The reason SAP screens ahve never been shown in films, is that, even in films set in the past, the SAP user interface does not like realistic…

    1. Tom Van Doorslaer

      hehe, yeah, SAPGui screens are indeed not an attraction to have in a popular film. Imagine minority report with a SAPGui instead of the 3D touch holograms…

      That having said, the SAP logo does pop up everywere in sports sponsoring.

      F1 was mentioned already

      I add to that:

      -Bobsleighing (the Belgian girls are sponsored by SAP)

      -Golf (Ernie Els)

      1. Steffi Warnecke

        I could totally see a SAP screen in the Tardis control. It’s made up of so much stuff, old and new, that a SAP screen would fit right in there with it’s style. The Doctor could even change the theme to match the current Tardis theme. ^^

        1. Steve Rumsby Post author

          A combination of SAPgui, renewed WDA transactions, Fiori and Personas would be the perfect eclectic steampunk mix for the typical Tardis 😉


  4. Aditya Varrier

    Hi Steve,

    thats interesting to know that train operators borrowing techniques from F1 team.

    Well havent seen SAP appearing on TV or films.

    But would like to see SAP in any SuperHero films like Batman, where lieutenant James Gordon would create a Service Order for Batman rather intimating him thru Bat-Signal 🙂


    Aditya V


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