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Debugging SQLScript Procedures with Input Parameters

Back in December, I introduced the new SQLScript debugger in SAP HANA 1.0 SPS5.  In that blog, I mentioned the limitation about not having the ability to debug procedures with input parameters.   Today, I’m glad to announce that as of SAP HANA 1.0 SPS6(Rev 60), there is no longer this limitation.  Now we have the ability to define the values of the input parameters directly in the debug configuration.   Below is the new debug configuration screen.  You will notice that you can specify the name of the procedure to debug.


When you click the “Input Parameters” tab, you can see all input parameters associated with that procedure.  In this case, there are two, IM_VAL1 and IM_VAL2.   Here I can set the values for each input parameter.


Once the debug session is initiated, you can see the input parameter values in the “Variables” tab. You can now debug as normal.  I think you would agree that this is a bit nicer than having to create a wrapper procedure and hard code the parameter values in order to debug your procedures.


Check out the video demonstration on the SAP HANA Academy.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello, I've tried several times to debug a stored procedure with no luck. Can you explain the difference in the "Debug Configurations" dialog between "Procedure to Debug" and "Debug an External Session"??? I am trying to debug a stored procedure on an external HANA instance, but I can't get any breakpoints to catch...or I get an error of some sort. I do see in HDB Studio, what appears to be an "x" over my breakpoints:


      Author's profile photo Matthias Scudlik
      Matthias Scudlik

      Hello Kevin,

      the red "x" over your breakpoint probably means that you do not have the authorization to debug the procedure. You can see the detailed error message in the Error Log View (window -> show view -> other -> general -> error log).

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Pankaj Patil
      Pankaj Patil

      Hello Experts,

      I am on SAPKW74014 and HDB 2.2.9 version. I have created few SQL Script Procedures which get invoked from the configured Characteristic Relationships (CR) Exits.

      Now in one such procedure I want to analyze the input data to see how the ABAP is passing this to the HANA system and the way HANA recognizes the same.

      I was thinking debugging is the right approach, but even after setting the break points in procedure and then trigger of a planning sequence executing the CR do not break the SQL Script code in debugger.

      On a same note, I have tested the working of CR by assigning default values and the whole configuration works okay end-to-end just that now want to enhance the procedure code per requirement and need a closer look at the way the data set is being passed through till the HANA buffer.

      Any Suggestions ?



      Author's profile photo Pankaj Patil
      Pankaj Patil

      Char relationship method to invoke SQLScript procedure does not get triggered

      A relevant answer is presented in this SCN Thread. Thanks!

      Author's profile photo Chandula Dissanayake
      Chandula Dissanayake

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to debug stored procedure as you have shown above and need to insert table as input parameter.  Any idea how to do it ??