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Credit Account Customer update through MASS Transaction

Most of us know the concept of Credit Account in Credit Management, where we can check Credit Limit of another Customer for a particular Customer.

Thus as seen below, for Customer – CGA0* we will check Credit limit of Customer – WM*:


The Credit Account needs to be assigned in Transaction FD32 & generally this is to be done for many Customers at a given point of time.

SAP has given the facility of MASS update for Credit Account in FD32:


On saving the MASS transaction system gives an error message – F4717 – Credit limit can only be maintained with credit account XXXXXX

The reason for this is one SAP Standard setting:


The above code checks that if the Customer’s (for which Credit Account is to be assigned) Credit is not equal to zero & if the Transaction is Batch Input Session (MASS) then it will throw error message.

Meaning to say that if we want to update the Credit Account for Customers in FD32 via MASS Transaction, then Credit limit of the Customer (for which Credit Account is to be assigned) should be ZERO.

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