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Got the below error while trying to load the data in the planning book? Hmm….


And this is because: you should have compounded the info objects! The super-ordinate characteristic [info obj 1] is the one which is compounded within the info obj 2. But what does this compounding means? 

OK, let me put it simple: There is a lover, and he is like me. This means, he simply loves silently without expressing it to the one he loves dearly. And this is a one-sided love!

‘Compounding’  means exactly the same thing! The master info object [info obj 2] which compounds the other info object[info obj 1] says, ‘Hey dear one, I cannot allow anyone to access me without they speaking of you. If someone wants to access me… they should be knowing of you and they should tell me of you. I shall not allow them to access me with speaking nothing of you. I should always be appearing based on you’. But the other info object[info obj 1] simply doesn’t care of this! She ignores the one who loves her. And she allows anyone to access but doesn’t get restricted to her mate who loves her so much!

In technical terms:

  • The above message appears when “info obj 2” compounds “info obj 1”.
  • You cannot load any data from the shuffler of the planning book for “info obj 2” unless you keep some condition on “info obj 1”.

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  1. Susan Keohan

    Hi Guru,

    It’s hard for me to tell what you are really writing about, when you use metaphors like ‘lover’.

    If you need to write about lovers and stuff like that, please use a different platform?


    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Susan,

      It was only used to connect the understanding rightly. I will ensure this will not repeated again. Thanks anyways.



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