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How Find Path In SPRO With Tracking Code Transaction

We have transaction code for customizing like OMET but we
don’t know where is  the path in SPRO transaction.
In some case in SPRO we can see tracking code in additional information column
but in more case does not show that code (you can active in menu Additional information- Display key-IMG activity).


Now we want to find path of tracking code like OMET in SPRO:

1-Run OMET transaction code


2- from menu: select “table view” – print :


3- we can See view “V_T160D” and remember that


4- Now go to the SM30 transaction code , put View and select customizing :


5- you can reach to path in customizing



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  1. Former Member

    Hello Ramin..


    Thanks for Posting your IDEAS on Finding menu path for a SPRO transaction…

    But sorry to inform it is not Working for many SPRO Transaction and taking me to different nodes which are not relevant to the SPRO Transaction..

    i tried few SPRO transactions namely

    OBQ1 : Conditions: Condition Type ; Overview

    but going by your above mentioned process it takes me to another node which is not one of OBQ1…

    also for basic MM Pricing configuration we use Tcode = M/08 : Purchase pricing Schema procedure transaction Screen..

    going by Table view / Print Option we get View as View : V_T683..

    but in SM30 Placing this View : V_T683 the system is taking me to other pricing procedure Screens but not the Purchase pricing procedure screen.. and it s quite misleading…

    Warranty Processing            Define Message Determination Procedures

    Warranty Processing            Define Pricing Procedures

    Warranty Processing                              Define Account Determination Procedures

    Product Safety                                        Check Output Determination Procedures

    Product Safety                                Check Output Determination Procedures

    Joint Venture Accounting               Maintain CRP Procedures

    but in above values none is a relevant one taking me to Purchase pricing procedure Schema..


    Please check at your end.. as it might not be working in my system.. Please correct me if M/08 works fine for any one using the above techiniue..

    More methods and options to find menu paths are WELCOME as well…

    Thanks and Regards


    1. Former Member Post author

      Dear J.Saritha

      sorry for delay answer

      as you know in SM30 we can put View or Table if you can’t path with View please try with table.for to find table you can go SE11 transaction and you see tables in “Table/Join conditions” tab.for example  table for View “V_T683” are “T683” and “T683U”.i hope it will be helpful,if you have question tell me.



    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Bijay

      Thanks for comment but if you face by this cases insted of “VCM_T133K” you can use characters that start whit “T” in above example you should put “T133K” in SM30.

      i hope it is helpful for you


  2. Sanjeet Kumar Yadav

    Thanks for sharing good way to find the detail,

    Can I get the transaction code in SPRO. Suppose i am on spro path SPRO>Materials Management>Purchasing>Purchase Order> Define Number Ranges and in Additional Information showing as SIMG_CFMENUOLMEOMY6, and i am taking last 4 digit ie. OMY6.

    OMY6  input in open command field of Transaction then press enter key, system showing me that ”

    Transaction OMY6 does not exist.

    Please clear me how to find transaction code.



    1. Jürgen L

      already from release 4.7 many transactions cannot be executed because they are removed from table TSTC,, which is said in OSS note 972888 without giving a reason

      OSS note 642828 is much clearer on that: ” 

  3. Former Member

    Good blog, but i have a dude:

    Friend i follow your blog for Transaction OB13

    in the step 4, “continue w/o specifying the Project”

    i get various results:


    wich is?

    of course if i do double click i go to sbpro i get the customatization path.

    checking on google say the path is:

    MG>Financial Accounting

    (New)>General Ledger Accounting (New)>Master Data>G/L

    Accounting>Preparations>Edit Chart of Account List.

    any advice?



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