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Calling tcode as a link in work item as an attachment object

Step 1 : Create a BO as shown below.

Create an event and a method.

Step 2 : Method of Name DISP and its properties are shown below.

Step 3 : Flow logic inside the method , Here we are simply just calling se11 tcode.

Step 4 :  Now go to basic data of business objects and change the default method as DISP method as show below.

Click on f4 and change the default method as DISP:

Step5 :Now activate and generate the BO by making its status as implemented and released.

Step 6: Go to swdd , create a workflow.

Create a workflow container of type  above BO.

Go to properties tab and make it as importing , Exporting.

Step 7: Now click on basic data tab.

Give the  category as BO and object type as BO name and the event as FIRE.

Step 8: Now go to binding and click on automatic binding.

Step 9:Now come back and check all are in green state , if not activate by clicking on it.

Step 10:  No go back and create user decision step.

    After creating user decision step , copy the standard user decision step into your custom task.

For coping standard task check this link.


Step 11: Put your custom task number in place of standard task number.

Step 12 : Click on the task and go inside .

Step 13:

Go to the container tab and create a container element of type bo : as shown below.

Step 14:  Create a element of type BO which we have created.

Step 15:  No come back to the work flow and click on binding.

Click on automatic binding.

Step 16:  Now click on tick mark and save  , activate the workflow.

Now workflow will look like this.

Step 17:  Execute the workflow.

            Give some value in the instance.

Step 18: Click on execute.

Step 19: Now click on the link which is on the  objects and attachments side.

             Which will navigate to the tcode : in our case we gave se11.

step 20: Now click on back it will return to the user Decision step .

Hope it helps.

Thanks & Regards


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  • Hi Aravindan,

    Whatever Standard BO(Eg: BUS2012,BUS2032,BUS2091) if you are taking with the Method Display.The behaviour same.Like calling transaction in Back end.Your documentation fully used if you are really going for whole Customized business process with custom transaction.

    Anyway Your documentation is best how to prepare the document with providing each and every screen shot with explanation.

    Hope expecting more innovative document from you.All the best buddy.. 🙂

    Warm Regards,


    • Dear Ragavendran,

                             Thanks for your kind reply. As you said ,The document applies only for custom BO scenarios..

      Best Regards