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Author's profile photo Roman Loshevsky

Multiple Property Replacement Wizard in NW 7.3x

Multiple Property Replacement Wizard is a powerful wizard with rich functionality.

This blog provides overview on some advanced functionalities of the wizard  related to properties.

You want to replace a property value for several objects.

1. Open “Find & Replace ” wizard

2. Enter Name criteria (supports wildcard)

3. Choose required root for search – Portal Content

4. Choose Object Type – iView

5. Choose Include templates (optional) in case you want to change the value also for all templates with predefined criteria.

6. Choose search for non-unit objects

This is a very powerful option – search for objects inside parent objects.

For example: search  iView in the Role hierarchy.

But this kind of Search has performance cost.


Next screen will reduce performance cost by filtering the type of the iView:

1. Add Row

2. Select a property

3. Choose Template

4. Choose specific property and click OK button


You can enter manually a property ID and value in case the required property ID does not appear in the list of the available properties.

Recommended way: Open any similar object in the Property Editor and copy the property ID to avoid typos.

Enter value and click Next button :


************************************************* optional ***********************************************************

You can skip to the Next step without any changes, but notes that some additional options are provided in the search results list:

1. Option to remove some objects from result list

2. Option to export search result into a file.

3. Locate specific object from the result list in the Portal Content Catalog tree.

4. Open specific object in its editor.


At this point we have a search results list filtered by the provided criteria.

You need to decide which property and value, and method will be used.

Don’t get confuse between this stage (3) and stage 1. At this stage we search for the property we would like to change. In stage 1 this part was used as a search filter only.

Now at this stage we can look for the same criteria as in stage 1 or any other criteria.


Number of options for replacement exist:


Click Next

Click Finish and enjoy the results 🙂

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      Author's profile photo Benjamin Houttuin
      Benjamin Houttuin

      Yes it is realy powerfull! Don't forget to mention that ou can export selections to Excel, this was not possible in 7.0 portal.

      i even used it to create a quick listing for an auditer that asked how many report iviews we had in our custom. Namespace. This tool helped me to get it in 2minutes... So this shows it can even do more then "replace" 😉

      Author's profile photo Roman Loshevsky
      Roman Loshevsky
      Blog Post Author


      yes, export to file is also power feature for reporting - I mention about it in optional block.
      And of course it is possible to create very interesting reports for objects (content)
      in the system.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi! Roman,


      Do you know how can I replace the System value of all iviews in a particular role using this tool. This was possible using multiple property replacement feature in EP 7.0


      Author's profile photo Roman Loshevsky
      Roman Loshevsky
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ramesh

      Expand Portal Content tree and select the role you want to change.
      Right click on role object and choose in the options menu: Search -> Find and Replace

      In the wizard you need to select Object type iView and also select option “Search for non-units objects”

      Add the property you want to change and continue like it explained in the blog.

      Best regards,