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IH01 Structure Customizing beyond I_INGRP Authorization Object


In an enterprise, the mapping /structuring  of assets (as Functional Locations & Equipments) is generally done as per the process flow.  The structure is nothing but the Asset tree, how the assets are installed in the shop-floor. We know this structure is seen through IH01, which we can say the gateway to SAP-Plant maintenance.

Agencies with different expertise are usually involved in the upkeep/maintenance of these assets such as

-Mechanical Maintenance

-Electrical Maintenance


-Air Conditioning

All these agencies record their jobs through Notifications and Maintenance Orders on their respective equipments

of this Equipment tree (Structure).

So far we are discussing about the Maintenance Agencies owned by the the Shop.

But there is a situation in Organizations where Centralized Maintenance Agencies exist and they are authorized to access some of these Assets and these Agencies are labelled with different Planner Groups.

The constraint to provide them the IH01 tree, displaying only their Equipments, is that all these equipments have planner groups filled with those of the agencies owned by Shop.

The present topic is about this situation.


Need to give a Customized IH01 Structure to these Central Service agencies, using a field  other than the Planner Group.

(Because the Planner Group field is already consumed by maintenance agencies owned by shop)


Here Comes the idea of using the I_BEGRP Authorization Object.

That is, uUsing the Authorization Group field in Equipment Master.

Let’s see a sample structure shown below.


Now suppose the Equipment to Agency relation in each branch (Pusher) is as under:


Shop’s Own Agncies

Central Agencies

First two equipments



Next two equipments



Fifth Equipment        



Sixth Equipment Airconditioning User4

As said before the objective is to restrict the display to their respective equipment.

Create Authorization Groups for these Central Agencies in SPRO



Now go to ‘Change Equipment Master’ (IE02) of each of these equipments, give the respective authorization group values and save, as shown below.



Create 4 Roles (One each for these 4 agencies) through PFCG or modify existing Roles as under:

Shown below is the role for AGR1 Mechanical Maintenance Agency


Assign these Roles to the respective Users.

Now when the user1 (Centralised Mechanical services)  goes to the Structure (IH01) the following is the tree he will be seeing.

(Only those 2 of his jurisdiction)


Similarly, when the user2 (Centralised Electrical services)  goes to the Structure, he will be seeing…


….. So on for other users.

Now an exapmle of the real application of this feature

There is an Enterprise having about 60 shops (departments). The structure here has thousands of functional locations, lakhs of equipments and many hundred Planner groups.

Now there exist a central repair agency which attends major repairs on a certain category of equipments through-out the enterprise. The list of the equipments relevant to this agency, covers only those equipments of a particular planner group of shop, which satisfy certain conditions (e.g., Motors >50KW).

Here comes the use of controlling the structure display though an object other than a planner group.

So all such equipments have been assigned an Authorization Group and a display role was created on this object (I_BEGRP) and assigned to the users of this central agency, to display structure with equipments of their jurisdiction only.

Pictorial depiction of required equipments in the structure.


Important Note:

One Pre-requisite is that AuthorizGroup fields in 100% Equipments need to be in filled condition with some value. If it is not so, then the user will see the Equipments with blank AuthorizGroup field also alongwith Equipments with his own AuthorizGroup values.

Hope this knowledge piece is of relevance to some of the members.

Thank you

Jogeswara Rao K

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  • Dear Jogeswara Rao K

    Nice piece of Article….

    Just an alternative thaught: Usually in any maintenance environment the responsibility and ownership of assets operations and  maintenance is monitored by Planner groups. If we asign the respective planner groups  in the respective equipment masters and restrict the users authorization at these planner groups, will it not end up in the same structure (due to missing authorization issues, the other equipments will not be listed in the structure)…



    • In fact, see this case.

      In a structure, 1000s of FLs Lakhs of equipments are there comprising of 100s of planner groups.

      Then there exists a central repair agency which needs to access selected equipments in this structure. Now to give a customized structure to this agency, it was relevant to adopt the authorization group way, because the requirement of equipment selection is selectively within different planner groups.

      Hope you’ll appreciate.


      Jogeswara Rao K

  • Hi Jogeshwara,

                              This such kind of documents help to perfect implementation in SAP Plant Maintenance module and with this application have two benefit i.e. we can restrict to user apart from own equipment and segregate such kind of maintenance which service hired by third party vendor.

    Thanks for sharing to your knowledge.

  • Excellent document Jogeswara!!

    As Akhilesh has said these type of documents help spread the word on perfecting the implementation of SAP PM and also encourages other consultants to test these business scenarios with our clients.

    Keep up the good work!!

  • Thank you Jogeswara Rao..

    I can say this is a wonderful document for a new SAP PM Consultant. No where else we will not get such details. It saved my time and expanded my ideas.

    Keep posting similar documents.

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