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Generate A Report in Info type Wise

I am going to share one of the business requirements  which I have experienced, I  hope this business scenario is  common for all clients.

We can generate Report 😎 info type  wise through T-Code  SE11 & SE16

Step -1

Enter  T-code SE11 in Command field ,in Database table Give infotype Number Ex:- PA0001

Click on Display 🙂


Step-2 :- Select Contents Box it will take next screen

Step-3 Give the Employees Number in Pernr Field  EX:- 1 to 500  Click on execute tab


Step-4 After execute tab below screen will display ,Select Edit and click on download …


Step-5  Once Select the download option below screen will come , in below Select Spreadsheet 🙂


Step-6 After Selecting Spreadsheet it asking file path Give the File name and click on

Gen rate button 🙂


Step-7 Next Go to your Desktop See  below screen,in Excel sheet whatever fields  data you  want you can use it 🙂




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  • Hi Satish,

    This can also be achieved through SE16 as well.

    Also , when selecting the records, if the start date and end date is not mentioned, it picks up all the records including the delimited records.

    So, if we have only active records that are being pulled in to this report it would give a clear idea to the business.

    So, i suggest you to include the start and end date ( 31.12.9999).

    Howver, its a good document presented in an effective way.

    Thanks for sharing..


    • Hi Madhav we can achieved through SE16 as well. i will take your suggestion for include the start and end date