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BW Requests how to Transport and Import

I thought to give some basic transport steps. how we can transports from BW Dev – Bw Quality – BW prod.

Actually this part was taken care by basis team. If we know basic steps it will be good for us.

Here i am explained how we transport a Full DTP from dev to Quality and then to prod in parts wise..

After creating the DTP, all changes may be stored in local package. So we need to collect in custom package because objects which are in local packages are not transportable.

How to capture DTP in TR(transport request):

In bw we can use Transport connection to capture changes in TR or Directly we can capture changes in TR.

DTP Was in active status., double click on DTP, from menu Go to Object Directory Entry. like below


Go to change symbol, enter ZBW(custom – package which we have) save, package  was changed, continue, on next screen
it may ask TR, click on create icon(white symbol one), There enter description of your TR, continue, automatically one TR will generated. Continue, again save DTP and activate. Your TR have activated DTP.


Go to Tx – SE10, click on display button  or press F5, you will get below screen.


Enter your TR and continue. You will get below screen. My screen shows as released and target system was BQA. When
we see this first time, you will see modifiable(in place of released).


Now we need to release transport in BW dev. Here always first need to release task(XXXX0958) if you have multiple
below 0958, in any sequence you can release them after that only we need to release TR(XXXX0957).

How to release:

Select your task, ex: here XXXX0958(child) and click on transport bus symbol, like this way release task(s) and finally release TransportXXXX0957 (Parent). Refresh the screen. All requests which are under modifiable, after release will come under released as above scree showed. Against request you will see tick mark also after released.

You can check the transport logs(red mark on above pic), on the same screen, select your request and on tool bar you will see icon for transport logs, click on it and see, you may see its as success like below.


Now we released in BW Dev environment and next step we need to import in BW Quality. i will Continue on part 2.–2

Thanks for reading


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