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How to import at Quality side:

Log into BW Quality server, Tx – STMS, After that Press F5 or select transport bus symbol as shown below.


On next screen you will see three  environments which are in landscape.


Now we need to import into BW quality so double click on BQA. We will get below screen.

If you use Tx – STMS_IMPORT, You will directly come into(see) below screen.


Its already existing system, so after refresh we won’t see our request, we need to go end of the page.

As shown above,click on last page icon. Its take you end of the page. Our bw dev TR released request visible at bottom most.

If any TR was released in bw dev and in quality not yet imported then you will see that TR also bottom page.

But against that you will see one symbol. Like below arrow mark in pic.


TR which was in block box not yet imported due to some issue.

After import of bw TR. Our request will move upper side and the TR which are not imported to quality(but released from bw dev)

will bottom most with that symbol.


After refresh we will see bottom most TR which are not yet imported with that graded symbol(orange) and arrow mark.


Import starts here:


Above screen we see two transport buses. But we need to choose 2nd one which have little orange color one.

If we choose the transport(Import All Requests, its danger one) which was in red circle, it imports all TR from source.

We need to import latest one only, so choose Import Request(Ctrl+F11, green tick mark).


After clicking on Import request we will get below screen:


On Date tab, default its selected as immediate, that’s fine.

One Execution tab my default option was Asynchronous(you can go as default on your machine).

Provide target client as per your system.

Options Tab: you can select top 5 options as below:


After choose above 3 tab options, click on continue green tick mark, next you will get message box, like below:


Click on yes,  its starts importing, You will get STMS_IMPORT Screen with truck symbol against our TR.

Means our TR was importing in process.


Keep on refresh, after finish, truck symbol will gone and you will yellow symbol there and green symbol against our TR.


After the success, we can see the transport logs as shown(part 1). Same like this way we can import in to Production also.

If we are authorize to access  Tx – STMS.

Thanks for reading……….


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Ram,

    As always you nailed the point. No more bugging with basis team to import transports, I will do it on my own. Thank you for posting.



  2. Former Member

    Hi Ram,

    Good document on Tranport release and import.

    It might be simple,but if any doubt pop ups to anyone,they can sure refer your document.



  3. Former Member

    Hi Raman,

    Document is really nice..

    I have a doubt regarding one point. While I am following your steps to import transport request, I am not able to see any TR in STMS_IMPORT in Quality system eventough I have released my TR in Dev System.

    Could you help me with it?



    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Sheetal,


      Thanks for reading.

      Could you please check, whether your checking respective quality system or other one. if its not visible then click on import queue mark and continue. later you can refresh and see at end the TR list, you may see the latest TRs which were released from Dev.





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