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10 Steps to Deploy Agentry Apps on SMP2.3!

With the release of SAP Mobile Platform 2,3, the Agentry and erstwhile SUP runtimes’ have been merged. In this document, I have detailed the steps to deploy an agentry app in SMP via the SAP Control Centre


1. SMP2.3 runtime has been successfully installed.

2. SMP Services are up and running

Deployment Steps

1. Stop the Agentry Development Server

2. Navigate to the Agentry Dev Server directory and locate the Application Folder.

3. Compress/Zip the above Application Folder in the same location

4. Include the below files in the compresses Application Folder (just drag & drop- these files should also be in the Agentry Dev Server directory)    


    • JavaBE.ini
    • Agentry.ini
    • sapjcorfc.dll
    • librfc32.dll
    • sapjco.jar
    • ini4j.jar
    • SAPCommon-121161.jar
    • <Your Application Jar file>

5. Login & Launch SCC

6. Click on Applications Node and click on the New Button

7. Enter the following as shown below ( please note that the application id, name , desc could be any values as per your app)

    • The client SDK type field should be selected as “Agentry”
    • Security Config & Domain will automatically default to “Agentry” & “Default” respectively. This will also become disabled after selecting client SDK type as Agentry.
    • Select the Application File checkbox and browse to the file created in Step 3 & 4
    • Select Enable after deployment checkbox
    • Click on OK Button- this should say Application Registered Successfully

7. Restart the SMP Services

8.  Reset The Agentry Test Environment(ATE)

9. Now Test you application on ATE

10. You can also check Agnetry logs under the Unwired Server directory\logs\<Your Application Folder>

Hope this is useful!!

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