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Author's profile photo Nilutpal Sharmah

Step By Step Process to Update TREX Server

Dear All,

I am herewith explaining the step by step way out for updating TREX server, which is very much required now in days in order to incorporate with dependent peripheral SAP SW Components . I am trying to architect the procedure based on one of my recent activity which includes following scenario :-

1. Old TREX Server : 7.10 SP40

2. Update Level : 7.10 SP55 (latest one)

3. OS: Windows 2008 (64 bit)

4. Number of connected SAP system RFCs : 3

Step 1: Check  the current version of TREX in connected SAP system though TREXADMIN T-Code.


Step 2: Download the latest patch level from SMP . Follow  >  Support Packages and Patches > Browse our Download Catalog > SAP NetWeaver and complementary products> SAP Netweaver > SAP NETWEAVER 7.0 > Entry By Components > Search & Classification (TREX) > TREX 7.10 > Windows on X64 64 bit > TREX71_55-10004511.SAR

Step 3: Then extract it with SAPCAR with following command:-

sapcar -xvf <file name.SAR>

Step 4: Stop TREX service and also the Trex Admin console (if running somewhere).

Step 5: Execute SAPinst from the extracted directory :-


Step 6 :Choose “Update a TREX system” option :-




You can take restart of TREX server manually later on though MMC.



Step 7: Restart the TREX server through MMC and then you can check the latest version again in TREXADMIN.


NB: TREX Upgrade process from 7.1- PL 58 onwards, you can follow updated document –



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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Nilutpal,

      We are great full to have this information, many thanks.



      Author's profile photo Nilutpal Sharmah
      Nilutpal Sharmah
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Omkar !!

      Author's profile photo Anil Dandi
      Anil Dandi

      From TREX 7.10 Revision 58 on it is no longer possible to upgrade with this procedure. You have to follow the steps in the installation/upgrade guide to upgrade TREX 7.10 script based.

      Author's profile photo Daniel Masaladzic
      Daniel Masaladzic

      Thanks for this article! I am doing my first TREX Update (40 -> 63) in Windows at the moment, so I would like to share some experience/issues/solutions with you.

      Anil Dandi is right. SAP Note

      says "From TREX 7.10 Revision 58 on it is no longer possible to upgrade with sapinst. Please follow the steps in the installation/upgrade guide to upgrade TREX 7.10 script based."

      To do this in Windows, use:

      install.cmd --action=update --sid=<SAPSID> --password=<password for adm/service user> --type=DEFAULT

      To do this in Linux, use:

      ./ --action=update --sid=<SAPSID> --password=<password for adm/service user> --type=DEFAULT

      First: Make sure to create a backup! I copied the \usr\sap\<SID> directory to another folder and that really saved me.

      So far I had a problem with permissions while the update process. The installer was not able to move a folder and it quit. Restarting did not help, since the installer kept on thinking, the instance has been updated. Solution: Copy the old folder back and restart.

      This time I made sure that there was no access on the directory \usr\sap\<SID>. So I shut down the TREX-Instance and also the services in Windows. Unfortunately the tool "OpenedFilesView" (Google it) revealed two more files in a subfolder that had been in use by the system. I killed the process and restarted the update... this time another error "ErrorException: <__main__.ErrorException instance at 0x000000000238FA08>". Solution: Restart the update and this time it worked with "SUCCESS".

      Author's profile photo Artem Ivashkin
      Artem Ivashkin

      Hello Daniel,

      It's a pity that I see you reply after I went through the same problem!

      I think it would be great if you made a post how to cure this issue.



      Author's profile photo Rahul Patki
      Rahul Patki

      Hello Nilutpal,

      Thanks for the document.

      I have to upgrade from TREX 7.0 to TREX 7.1 which also includes change in OS from Win 2003 to Win 2012 server. I would be grateful if anyone shares a document or steps on the same.

      Thank You!