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One of the difficult things about learning any new software system is understanding how to use it. SAP is no exception, especially custom tcodes which each customer organization develops based on their custom requirements. To know about standard SAP tcodes, we can SCN-SAP it or GOOGLE it. But for the custom tcodes, unless the functional guy prepares a pretty decent user manual, it becomes difficult for the end-users to understand how to use them. Also end-users/clients tend to forget how to use a tcode if they don’t use it often.This prompted me with an idea of developing video help tutorials for tcodes. I have made use of open source software CamStudio to prepare video tutorials and linked it to the tcodes.


1) Record the video using Cam Studio by simulating user actions to perform the tcode functionalities.

2) Host the video in a server.

3) Create a button in the application toolbar to call this video file by passing the server file path to the following function.



           URL                               = ‘URL of the flash file



           FRONTEND_ERROR                   = 2

           PROG_NOT_FOUND                  = 3

           NO_BATCH                                 = 4

           UNSPECIFIED_ERROR             = 5

           OTHERS                                    = 6.

Sample screen shots of a video recorded using Cam Studio software:

Screen shots of a demo video attached within the tcode







* This will be very useful for end-users to know how a tcode works as it can be made available as a help alternative in the tcode itself and also useful for functional guys as they don’t have to lift their phones often to teach the end-users ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

* This will also be very handy to facilitate change in the mindset of users on migration from legacy systems to new SAP implementation.

      K.Arun Prabhu.
“Never calculate the height of a mountain before you climb it. When you reach the top, you will realise how low it was

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    1. Former Member Post author

      Thanks a lot Ramesh.

      Flash file size for a 6 min video is coming around 40 MB.

      Based on the complexity of the tcode functions, video can be recorded and hosted.

  1. Yuvaraj S

    Hi Arun,

    This is a cool idea. I wonder whether we can make ‘.gif’ files if the video is going to be less than a minute.

    Also I want to know how exactly to host the .swf files to the server. Do you mean uploading the file via CG3Z and open it via browser ?

    1. Former Member Post author

      Thanks a lot Yuva raj.

      I am not sure if we can make .gif files.

      In my case, I have saved the file in our intranet web server and called the URL from Z tcode.

    1. Former Member

      It is possible to load this .avi file in SAP because if it is secured place we can not able to access google itself at that time how to achieve this  if I need to give URL means I need to upload critical data in networks other than SAP there is any other way for this…….. Please help me I want to try this ….. thanks in advance….

            1. Former Member Post author

              Ravi Shankar,

                   Unfortunately We don’t have one SAP document server to upload the video files.

                   I don’t think performance issue will be a problem when we upload it in SAP document server.

                   Here we have a windows file server wherein files are saved there and accessed by the internal end-users via URL from Z tcodes.

              1. Former Member

                Is it possible for you to share how you have written the code from Ztcode to that URL in my system windows file server is not present any alternatives idea not like to upload in social websites .. Is it possible to open in from our PC for just trying purpose if it success we will go for that server.

                Thanks in advance for your help.


                Ravi Shankar L

  2. Former Member

    Hi everyone,

    I saw this interesting post and wanted to share some information you might not know about regarding an SAP Education offering created with a similar purpose in mind: SAP Workforce Performance Builder.

    For highly effective end user enablement it is key to not only offer trainings but to provide (context-sensitive) access to knowledge in the moment of need. It’s very valuable to have a missing piece of information at hand before running into a certain problem, which would typically end up in interrupting a process, searching for help, issuing Help Desk tickets, bothering colleagues for support (the “Hey Joe!” effect), slowing down overall process execution and productivity, decreasing system’s data
    quality, etc.

    SAP Workforce Performance Builder allows real-time on-the-job guidance via pull and push support. That way, information can be displayed automatically as soon as someone enters a certain application area or interacts with a specific control (i.e. pushes a button, uses a text field, selects from a dropdown list, clicks on a tab, …).

    Here is one scenario: during training phases for a transaction XYZ it became obvious (by analytical reports) that 80% of all end users (learners) made a mistake with the same process steps. Now, with pushed out help information (performance support) those uncovered weak spots are non-issues anymore: you would simply put an information on top of the live system and the next end user who accesses a particular screen/object will get an appropriate warning with step-by-step guidance (best practice), e.g. “Dear user, please note that 80% of all your colleagues made a mistake here during training. Don’t do that, so please follow these simple steps to make it perfect…” (the necessary steps can be highlighted with markers and speech bubbles directly on top of the live system and will guide from step to step easily). So, the guidance is displayed before I can do anything wrong – especially helpful in certain critical or rarely used processes.

    In addition you ideally want to avoid re-inventing the wheel and make use of existing content, like from PRE-go-live trainings – so there should be a way to easily take one piece of content and provide it in different formats to different stakeholders along the lifecycle – without the need for extra changes; i.e. have one “single source” to create/edit the content, and have many different output formats/materials with the identical messaging, like in training documentation, interactive eLearning simulations, mobile learning content and especially context-sensitive, real-time performance support materials.

    Check out this YouTube video, visit, or check out this post on
    our Training & Education space on SCN: SAP
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    Best regards,


    1. Former Member

      …Performance Builder. Very interesting and inovative software to solve the problem of the employees to conquer the difficult  world of business programmes  at the companies where is used  SAP software. So even stuff which has even troubles to distuinglish turn-on and turn-off buton of pc has now really good opportunity todevelop the performance of SAP software usage on really easy if not the easiest way. Hints, helps, records “hoew to do this and that,,,” and also educational tests are now easy connected with all SAP products by WPB. Also manage and construct WPB is as easy as primar school. I think Development of WPB is really nice start of very good idea!!!


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