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Preparing demo video and calling from SAP tcode

One of the difficult things about learning any new software system is understanding how to use it. SAP is no exception, especially custom tcodes which each customer organization develops based on their custom requirements. To know about standard SAP tcodes, we can SCN-SAP it or GOOGLE it. But for the custom tcodes, unless the functional guy prepares a pretty decent user manual, it becomes difficult for the end-users to understand how to use them. Also end-users/clients tend to forget how to use a tcode if they don’t use it often.This prompted me with an idea of developing video help tutorials for tcodes. I have made use of open source software CamStudio to prepare video tutorials and linked it to the tcodes.


1) Record the video using Cam Studio by simulating user actions to perform the tcode functionalities.

2) Host the video in a server.

3) Create a button in the application toolbar to call this video file by passing the server file path to the following function.



           URL                               = ‘URL of the flash file



           FRONTEND_ERROR                   = 2

           PROG_NOT_FOUND                  = 3

           NO_BATCH                                 = 4

           UNSPECIFIED_ERROR             = 5

           OTHERS                                    = 6.

Sample screen shots of a video recorded using Cam Studio software:

Screen shots of a demo video attached within the tcode







* This will be very useful for end-users to know how a tcode works as it can be made available as a help alternative in the tcode itself and also useful for functional guys as they don’t have to lift their phones often to teach the end-users 😉 .

* This will also be very handy to facilitate change in the mindset of users on migration from legacy systems to new SAP implementation.

      K.Arun Prabhu.
“Never calculate the height of a mountain before you climb it. When you reach the top, you will realise how low it was

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