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Open Sales Order in Find Mode with Boyum B1UP

We have some  users who always uses Sales Order find mode and virtually never uses add mode. To save the user time we used the Boyum Usability Package add-on to accomplish his wish. This is pretty easy to do.

Created a B1 Validation…

Named it: Open Sales Order in Find Mode

Formtype = 139
Menu UID = 2050

FormMode = All
Event = Menu Click
BeforeAction = False
ActionSuccess = True

ItemChanged = Ignore
InnerEvent = Ignore

BubbleEvent = Ignore

Condition = No Condition, execute function

Include users = the desired user(s)

Created a Universal Function…

Code named: SO-FindM

Named it: Sales Order Find Mode

Type = Macro

Activate(1281); //Switch To Find Mode

This saves the shipping department over 1000 CTRL+F keystrokes a month as well as zero mistakenly added bogus sales orders.

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  • Thank you very much, you HELP me a lot.
    I used it to open another type of form and added the following to the Universal function

    It must be placed before Activate(1281)


    AutoPressNextPopup()//Accept the yes by default
    Activate(1281); //switch to safe mode

    This avoid to have to click on “Yes” to discard modifications