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New Alternative Chat Client for the CRM Interaction Center – Demo Video

Demo Video

The video below is a demo of a new alternative chat client for the CRM Interaction Center.


The new client includes the following features:

  • A persistent chat window across all screens in CRM so that agents do not have to switch screens to respond or see chat messages.
  • Does not navigate to different screen on accept, allowing faster customer confirmation.
  • Can send messages by pressing enter, or go to new line by pressing shift+enter.
  • Notifies user of new messages while minimized with header bar color change.
  • Clicking “Chat Client” at the top will hide or reveal the client.
  • The chat client will automatically appear when a chat is accepted, and automatically hide itself when interaction ends.
  • Clicking header bar will minimize the chat client, or restore it to its previous size if it is minimized.
  • Possible to switch between two sizes.
  • Allows user to click on a service request number in CAD or chat messages and navigate directly to the request (easily adapted to other objects).
  • Chat transfers are supported and include the transcript of the previous chat.
  • A full chat history for the currently confirmed customer is available in a popup that will be opened when the agent clicks the H icon.
  • Quickcodes
    • Quickcodes are mailforms whose mailform IDs begin with a /.
    • Can be used by typing / then the code ID (for example /HI). Pressing enter once will insert the full mailform text, which can be modified before sending the message.
    • A full list of quickcodes is available in a popup that will be opened when the agent clicks on the Q icon.
    • In the popup, single clicking on a quick code description in the left column will display the full text. Double clicking or pressing enter will insert the message.
    • Quickcodes can be searched by description (autocomplete enabled).
    • Arrow key navigation enabled.
  • Contact Attached Data (CAD)
    • The subject and customer name will appear in the header bar.
    • All CAD can be viewed by clicking the C icon.
    • CAD can be used in chat messages or quickcodes by including the CAD key in square brackets. For example [FirstName]. Pressing enter would replace [FirstName] with the CAD associated with that key.
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Switch between IC sessions with ALT+#  (tab number, 1 for first, 2 for second, etc…).
    • Open/minimize/restore chat window with CTRL+SHIFT+C.

Contact Information

Please contact me with feedback, questions, or for more information at

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