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What is new in BusinessObjects Mobile BI iOS SDK 5.0 – Part 1 of ASUG Webcast

Srikanth Rao of SAP presented this ASUG webcast yesterday.


  • BusinessObjects Mobile SDK
    • Customize
    • Extend
    • Integrate
    • Distribute

Steps for building a customized app




Srikanth explained they released an SDK for version 4.4 a few months ago.  As soon as the BusinessObjects Mobile 5.0 app is loaded in the app store the SDK will be available.

The goal is in the second half of this year is to support 3.2 and 4.0 Explorer on Mobile BI as well.


Figure 1: Source: SAP

Themes of this release of the SDK are shown in Figure 1. Customize certain features in the application such as branding, logos, quick user onboarding with connections.

Extensibility – extend the application with charts that are not available.

Integrate with third party security tools to enhance corporate policies

Distribute through enterprise for when you want to distribute.

Customize Theme


Figure 2: Source: SAP

Figure 2 shows SAP green icon  – you can customize app icon as shown above – “Caramel”.

Three places to replace the images are shown in Figure 2.


Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 shows you can customize application name

Figure 3 shows you can change it from “SAP BI” to “Caramel”.

You change the bundle display name, save, run and see the changes.


Figure 4: Source: SAP

Figure 4 shows you can customize the launch screen with your own image and branding and logo.

Figure 4 shows they have customized the screen to Caramel confectionaries.


Figure 5: Source: SAP

Figure 5 shows you can customize the home screen and shows the usability improvements with 5.0

You can change the text colors and the background colors

On the left shows the default home screen and the right is a customized home screen.


Figure 6: Source: SAP

Figure 6 shows what you can customize colors and text colors.


Figure 7: Source: SAP

Figure 7 shows the background images you can change on the home screen – change the color of texts and the images


Figure 8: Source: SAP

Figure 8 shows you can customize the getting started guide.

With the 5.0 release, you receive a set of getting start guides – on the left it shows 6 pages. On the right it shows the customization of the getting started.

You can customize the image of getting started, the help text (“Welcome to SAP BusinessObjects Mobile”), and change the customize page indicator colors.

Customize Onboarding


Figure 9: Source: SAP

Figure 9 shows you can predefine connections of the application so they appear readily available on the device .

You can configure the connections with the SDK.  If there is a document that you want the users to always open – you can achieve that.


Figure 10: Source: SAP

Figure 10 shows you can disable connection creation option so users do not see that option.

Customize Functionality


Figure 11: Source: SAP

Figure 11 shows you can customize the help and the video tutorial.

Today video tutorial takes you to the SAP Youtube channel; and the help takes you to SAP help portal.

With the SDK you can customize this as well.


Figure 12: Source: SAP

Figure 12 shows collaboration features, including  options to annotate, collaborate or e-mail– you can disable these functions.

With version 5.0 supports SAP JAM.

The help in the secondary toolbar – you can customize as well.

You can also “recommend this app” send a link to this app – you can customize this e-mail link as well.


Figure 13: Source: SAP

Figure 13 shows customizing Web Intelligence content.  You can disable report title, report element linking can be enabled (different font)

You can disable refresh (upper right)

You can customize default palette and set the default themes.

You can configure the colors to be ignored in the table and blank cells.


Figure 14: Source: AP

Figure 14 shows that with BI4.1, SAP has provided the ability for partners can develop add on component, connection, part of the JavaScript SDK for Mobile Dashboards.

Customize – Protocol modifications


Figure 15: Source: SAP

Figure 15 shows you can override SUP app ID, critical for some customers.

You can enforce a data refresh – how data connectivity works for Dashboard documents .

You can change SAP URL launch – using an e-mail link, and opens MobI application with a document – you can change the name according to your choice.

Part 2 is What is new in BusinessObjects Mobile BI iOS SDK 5.0 – Part 2 ASUG Webcast

Thanks to Karsten RUF for answering questions throughout this presentation.

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      Former Member

      Dear Author,

      Much appreciate your sharing on the IOS Mobile SDK.

      I would like to check with you whether we have similar solution on Android? What if Android customer wish to customize their logo, icon, apps etc, how do we deal with it?

      Thanks a lot,


      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
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      Hi Sophie -

      I don't know the answer to that.

      Would you please post this question as a discussion in the space?

      Thank you,


      Author's profile photo Pablo Nebuloni
      Pablo Nebuloni

      Hey! Nice post!

      I'm wondering how do you manage to distribute all this nice stuff?

      Eg: I want everyone in my company to have a customized app launch icon.

      Hope you can help me with this.

      Thanks so much!


      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Pablo,

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

      Unfortunately I am not a developer so I cannot help with this.

      Please create a new discussion in this space and hopefully someone can assist.