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Use of EWK1 Transaction Code in ABAP

Introduction :

After seeing a Lot of questions on Identifying custom Driver Program of smartforms and finding the exact adobe forms in abap.

Here I would like to give a simple and easy method to Identify a driver program of smartform as well as how to use EWK1.

Many people was not aware of EWK1 concept as they wish to succeed in Debugging as well as where used list.

Also if your name presents in program means, that also you can easily find by thing t-code.

for example inside of program , you have maintained your name like (Developer : Bastin) that also if you give in EWK1 search it will directly point out that program 🙂

Real Time Scenario Example 1 :

How to find the customize driver program name for the corresponding smartform

There is one easiest way to identify the Smartform’s custom driver program in a simple way

Using the Transactional Code EWK1.

Step 1  :  goto -> EWK1 Tcode

Step 2 :  type your customized smartform name (assume that you don’t know about corresponding driver program of that smartform) . see the below screen shot for your reference .


Step 3: once you typed relevant customized smartform name then press find ie) press enter.


Step 4: it will directly navigate to another window, there you can easily find the relevant driver program for the corresponding smartforms .

Real time Scenario Example 2:

How do I find out what is the print program for an existing adobe form?

Requirement is, I have a form name. I can go to its properties and get its interface. What about if I want to know what is the print program for the form?

Answer is EWK1 TCode . See the below link for your reference.

How do I find out what is the print program for an existing adobe form?

Real time Scenario Example 3:

How to check the table field getting updated from which program

Requirement is, I have to check the custom table field value getting updated from which program. the problem is the custom table is used to many program and I need to know how particular field with some specific values getting updated from which of these program.

Normally we can check by using where used list.

Another easiest way is EWK1.

See the below thread for your reference.

how to check the table field getting updated fr… | SCN

Hope this document helps other people who don’t know this method of finding programs in global way by using EWK1 🙂

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