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Starting SAP Sybase IQ Coordinator with different name on different location

When SAP Sybase IQ Coordinator is started on another host with cloned  devices. Coordinator will fail start with Error “The IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP dbspae does not  have dbfiles for this server.”

SAP Sybase IQ 15.x and above, if IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP dbfiles are associated with server name/server_id  of the server owing it. If Production Coordinator CN1 is restored on DR with different name CN2, since IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP dbfiles were created on CN1, IQ MPX Coordinator CN2 will fail to open the IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP dbfiles.  You will need to restart CN2 with -iqnotemp <size>.

Steps to restart Coordinator CN2(rhvm2_resmpxc) on DR:

  1. Start Coordinator CN2 with ‘-iqnotemp <size> -iqmpx_sn 1 -iqmpx_ov 1’

    [sybase@rhvm2 resiq]$ ./start_server

     Starting server rhvm2_resmpxc on rhvm2 at port 9144 (07/01 11:20:09)

Run Directory       : /work3/resiq
Server Executable   : /work2/rel154_iq_esd1/IQ-15_4/bin64/iqsrv15
Server Output Log   : /work2/rel154_iq_esd1/IQ-15_4/logfiles/rhvm2_resmpxc.0002.
Server Version      : 1.5
Open Client Version : N/A
User Parameters     : ‘@params.cfg’ ‘-n’ ‘rhvm2_resmpxc’ ‘-x’ ‘tcpip{port=9144}’
Default Parameters  : -gn 25

I. 07/01 11:20:10. Sybase IQ
I. 07/01 11:20:10. Version 15.4
I. 07/01 11:20:10. (64bit mode)
I. 07/01 11:20:10. Copyright 1992-2011 by Sybase, Inc. All rights reserved
I. 07/01 11:20:10. Copyright (c) 2001-2012, Sybase, Inc.
I. 07/01 11:20:10. Portions copyright (c) 1988-2012, iAnywhere Solutions, Inc. A
ll rights reserved.
I. 07/01 11:20:10. Use of this software is governed by the Sybase License Agreem
I. 07/01 11:20:10. Refer to
I. 07/01 11:20:10.
I. 07/01 11:20:10. Processors detected: 1 (containing 2 logical processors)
I. 07/01 11:20:10. Maximum number of physical processors the server will use: 1
I. 07/01 11:20:10. Running Linux 2.6.18-194.el5 #1 SMP Tue Mar 16 21:52:39 EDT 2
010 on X86_64
I. 07/01 11:20:10. Server built for X86_64 processor architecture
I. 07/01 11:20:10. 49152K of memory used for caching
I. 07/01 11:20:10. Minimum cache size: 49152K, maximum cache size: 262144K
I. 07/01 11:20:10. Using a maximum page size of 4096 bytes
I. 07/01 11:20:10. Starting database “resmpx” (/work3/resiq/resmpx.db) at Mon Ju
l 01 2013 11:20

IQ server starting with:
     10 connections         (       -gm )
     14 cmd resources       ( -iqgovern )
    136 threads             (     -iqmt )
    512 Kb thread stack size   (   -iqtss  )
  69632 Kb thread memory size ( -iqmt * -iqtss )
      2 IQ number of cpus  ( -iqnumbercpus )
      0 MB maximum size of IQMSG file ( -iqmsgsz )
      0 copies of IQMSG file archives ( -iqmsgnum )

I. 07/01 11:20:14. Transaction log: iqmpx.log
I. 07/01 11:20:14. Starting checkpoint of “resmpx” (resmpx.db) at Mon Jul 01 201
3 11:20
I. 07/01 11:20:14. Finished checkpoint of “resmpx” (resmpx.db) at Mon Jul 01 201
3 11:20
I. 07/01 11:20:16. Database “resmpx” (resmpx.db) started at Mon Jul 01 2013 11:2
I. 07/01 11:20:16. IQ Server rhvm2_resmpxc.
I. 07/01 11:20:16. Database server started at Mon Jul 01 2013 11:20
I. 07/01 11:20:16. Trying to start SharedMemory link …
I. 07/01 11:20:16.     SharedMemory link started successfully
I. 07/01 11:20:16. Trying to start TCPIP link …
I. 07/01 11:20:16. Starting on port 9144
I. 07/01 11:20:21.     TCPIP link started successfully
I. 07/01 11:20:21. Now accepting requests
New process id is 18545

Server started successfully

2. Stop Coordinator CN2 normally using stop_iq or dbstop

3. Restart Coordinator CN2 with ‘iqmpx_sn 1 -iqmpx_ov 1’

4. Connect to Coordinator CN2 and add dbfile to IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP

     alter dbspace IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP add file <tempdbfile> ‘<fullpath/tempdbfile>’ size <size>


       dbisql -c ‘uid=DBA;pwd=sql;eng=rhvm2_resmpxc’ -nogui

     (DBA)> alter dbspace IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP add file iqsystmp ‘/work3/resiq/iqsystmp’ size 200
    Execution time: 3.665 seconds


    5. Restart Coordinator  normally.

    6. Add additional temp dbfiles to IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP.

    [sybase@rhvm2 resiq]$ dbisql -c ‘uid=DBA;pwd=sql;eng=rhvm2_resmpxc’ -nogui

   (DBA)> alter dbspace IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP add file iqsystmp1 ‘/work3/resiq/iqsystmp1’ size 200

Execution time: 4.633 seconds


    7. select from sysiqfile/sysiqdfile will show the server name associated with the dbfile created in step(6), while there will no Server name associated with the dbfile created in step 4.

select * from sysiqdbfile


16384,1,128000,0,’T’,65536,’2012-05-24 13:39:32.000′,’2013-07-01 11:52:22.000′,’T’,’T’,0,0,,/work2/rel154_iq_esd1/IQ-15_4/demo/mpx/

16385,1,128000,0,’T’,65536,’2012-05-24 13:39:32.000′,’2013-07-01 12:12:17.000′,’T’,’T’,0,0,1,/work2/rel154_iq_esd1/IQ-15_4/demo/mpx/iiqmpx.iqtmp

16386,0,0,0,’F’,0,’2012-05-24 13:39:32.000′,’2013-07-01 12:12:17.000′,’T’,’T’,0,0,1,iqmpx.iqmsg

16387,0,0,0,’T’,0,’2013-07-01 12:12:17.000′,’2013-07-01 12:12:17.000′,’T’,’T’,0,0,2,rhvm2_resmpxw.iqmsg

16388,1,25600,0,’T’,65536,’2013-07-01 12:13:50.000′,’2013-07-01 12:13:50.000′,’T’,’T’,5654139,0,2,/work3/resiq/q1/resmpx.iqtmp

16389,1,128000,0,’T’,65536,’2012-05-24 13:51:36.000′,’2013-07-01 11:52:22.000′,’F’,’T’,575,0,,/work2/rel154_iq_esd1/IQ-15_4/demo/mpx/iqshtmpdsp1.iqtmp

16390,1,25600,0,’T’,65536,’2013-07-01 11:31:24.000′,’2013-07-01 12:12:17.000′,’T’,’T’,5651729,0,,/work3/resiq/iqsystmp——>no server_d

16391,1045440,25600,0,’T’,65536,’2013-07-01 12:15:07.000′,’2013-07-01 12:15:07.000′,’T’,’T’,5654257,0,1,/work3/resiq/iqsystmp1—>server_id 1

  8. Drop the dbfile created in step 4 as this was a temporary file created to facilitate creation of addtional temporary space.

      alter dbspace IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP drop file <tempdbfile>

For complete details on backup and restore see backup and restore chapter in:\

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      Author's profile photo Rey Wang
      Rey Wang

      How to restore it with iqnotemp option here, if my new server has just less number of temp db devices? My target server version is IQ Sybase IQ/ 5.3/Enterprise Linux64 - x86_64 - 2.6.18-194.el5/64bit/2015-03-09 12:05:48.

      Author's profile photo Saroj Bagai
      Saroj Bagai
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Rey,

      For detailed step, please see:


      Author's profile photo Saroj Bagai
      Saroj Bagai
      Blog Post Author

      For restore you will need exact number and size of dbfiles. You can use file system dbfiles for restore, once restore is done,  then you can drop them