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Mobile BI V5 dropped into the apple store today and I couldn’t wait to test it against my BI4.1 ramp up environment but also connecting to Lumira Cloud.

The connection set up for SAP Lumira in the Mobile BI app is simple and just needs a username and password… easy as that.


I had previously uploaded a data set about the Olympics and the medals won since the year 2000 and it’s there waiting for me …


The user experience in Lumira Cloud on the iPad is pretty much the same as the web experience as I see it today.  Creating a simple correlation chart was just a few taps and I could see the relationship between the Gold medals won by TEAM GB and their total medal winnings against all the other countries who take part in the olympics.



And to prove there are no “Smoke and Mirror tactics” here is my desk set up to grab these screenshots…


And one more thing …

When looking at Lumira cloud via a web browser I was curious about a drop list  …


Can I really upload a PPT file into SAP Lumira which is ultimately SAP HANA Cloud ?



Could you say SAP Lumira cloud is my new “SAP BI Dropbox”  ..  hhhmm  got me thinking !

Additional Content,

SAP Mentor, Steve Rumsby asked a question below regarding support for Android devices with SAP Mobile BI 5

I had a quick look at Google Play and yep it’s there and I installed it on my Nexus 7.  A few screenshots below



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        1. Former Member Post author

          I’ll hunt for a recent ASUG presentation on Mobile BI 5 to check the roadmap for Android and connectivity to Lumira Cloud.

  1. Former Member

    On my IPad it easy to find the lumira connection, but I’m not able to logon with my Dxxxx number nor with my SAP mail address, not with the SAP_ALL passowrd and not with the OW1 (marketplace) one.

    Any glue on how to get this working?

    My private acoount is working fine, so the network access should be OK.

    Thanks for som hints.


    1. Former Member Post author


      I’m not familiar with the “Dxxx number” you mention.  I can log into Lumira cloud with my SAP S-ID or a personal Email account that I registered.

      1. Former Member

        Hmm OK that worked now´(but didn’t initially). I will keep experimenting. I think it is a great start to get BI in the hands of my users easily.


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