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CRM SD Credit release issues


In companies which use SAP CRM for a subset of their divisions and use normal ECC for the rest, few credit related issues occur while using VKM transactions. In scenario where there is one way communication between CRM and ECC  i.e. any changes made to the order in ECC is not replicated back to CRM, In such cases VKM reportscannot be used efficiently for credit release and recheck.

The order released in ECC is not reflected correctly in CRM. When order is released through VKM1, Order will have released status in ECC, but in CRM it will still have blocked status.

Recheck functionality in ECC VKM reports will not work in such scenario, so one cannot put orders back on hold or release using the recheck functionality.

Though there are few transactions in CRM( credit analyst workbench CRM_CAWB) which can provide a solution to the above issues, companies
may not to prefer to use CRM credit for few divisions and ECC for the rest.

To overcome these issues, enhancement to VKM transactions so that it communicates with CRM can provide the required solution.

Systems: SAP CRM 7.0, SAP ECC6.0 EHP6


CRM and ECC should communicate in a way such that the order created in CRM is replicated to ECC and changes made in ECC cannot be replicated back to CRM.

CRM 1.png

Solution using VKM:

Create custom VKM transactions by copying the program RVKRED01, RVKRED02, RVKRED04. 


We can modify these custom VKM transactions so that they can communicate with CRM. Whenever a CRM order is selected and released in ECC the
custom program should call CRM and release the order in CRM .


Create a custom table which includes the sales organizations and divisions that use CRM, The program should check this table to determine if
an order belongs to CRM or ECC.


Use user exit “userexit_save_document_prepare”  in program SAPMV45A to add the custom code to the call a CRM function Module CRM_CREDIT_WB_C_RELEASE . If the exit is triggered through transaction  If the exit is triggered through the above custom transactions , send the selected document(s) as input to the CRM Function Module


This Function module releases the order from credit block in CRM and the changed order is replicated back to ECC immediately with released
status. Capture any error messages that are encountered in CRM while releasing an order, such as if the order is locked by any user or if the CRM order has
any errors.

CRM 2.png

Credit Recheck:

In the above CRM->ECC scenario, the credit recheck functionality will no longer work in VKM transactions. So an enhancement similar to the credit release functionality is required for credit recheck also. Use CRM_CREDIT_WB_C_RECHECK in CRM to pass values from the custom VKMtransaction. 

Solution using CRM:


In CRM 2 different transactions have to be used to overcome the VKM gaps.


Credit analyst work bench (T-code CRM_CAWB):


CAWB can be used to display all released documents and documents on credit block. Any document with a credit block can be released or
rechecked using this transaction. But documents that have been released from credit block cannot be rechecked using this transaction.

CRM 3.png

Any Document that has been released from credit block has status “credit release” and it can be rechecked by withdrawing credit release
using “withdraw credit release” option in each order 

Credit recheck for orders that were never on block:


If a customer files a bankruptcy, the company may have to put all the orders of that customer on block. There is no specific transaction to do that. There is a report CRM_Credit_recheck which can be used for this purpose. This transaction can be used to perform mass recheck for orders that
are on credit block and also the orders that are not on credit block.


Enter the list of all transactions as input and execute to perform the recheck. Though the heading says that it is credit recheck for blocked transactions, it can also be used for orders that are not credit block by entering the transaction number.

CRM 4.png

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