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A snapshot of the ABAP Keyword Documentation for Release 7.40 is available on the SAP Help Portal:



Have a look at the news for Release 7.40, Especially






Also look what happened to good old MOVE and COMPUTE.



Some of the features already shown in this snapshot will be available with 7.40, SP05.

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  1. Jelena Perfiljeva

    Even though navigation in the web version is a bit clunky, have to say I really like how ABAP documentation has been updated for 7.4.

    For example, in the old version (which we have in our systems, no 7.4 for us [yet]) there is an example of READ TABLE… ASSIGNING with IF SY-SUBRC = 0 AND … IS ASSIGNED. This gave me a short brain freeze trying to imagine a situation when a record would be found but symbol not assigned. But new documentation explains this perfectly (IS ASSIGNED is actually not needed together with SY-SUBRC = 0). Good thing we have new documentation available online, so even those customers without new ABAP can benefit from better examples and explanations.

    Well done!

    1. Horst Keller Post author

      THX 🙂

      The 7.50 version is out there too.

      And don’t hesitate to report (translation) errors or demand possible improvements. Your voice is heared.

      PS: It’s clunky because handmade. That’s not really professional but better than nothing. The ABAP documentation in the system is handmade too, but with the power of ABAP and not only hobby usage of JS.

      1. Guyon Cumby

        Is there a reliable way to link to individual pages within the documentation? Even the inline declarations, constructor expressions, table expressions, etc links above now fail.

          1. Guyon Cumby

            Thank you very much! That was helpful. For future reference (for myself or anyone else who stumbles here):

  {page name}.htm

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