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SAP Fiori Lessons Learned 06.

Define system alias for the TASKPROCESSING service.



Same of approval apps use TASKPROCESSING service which is on NetWeaver Gateway.

You will get “Task Facade not implemented for provider” error when you start approval apps.



Lessons Learned:

Do not skip the last section of  Install Guide.

You should define 2 system aliases and register TASKPROCESSING service.


1. Define 2 system aliases. Check the section 7.4 Create a System Alias in the installation guide.


2. Register TASKPROCESSING service. Check the section 2.4.1 Configure App-Specific Gateway Service in the installation guide.


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  1. Shabeer Mohammed

    Thank you Masayuki Sekihara, for documenting the all FIORI issues.

    My question is here, can we have multiple System Aliases assigned for TASKPROCESSING service? Since we have two backend systems (one for HR and other for FI and Logistics) which connected with single Gateway system. Both backend systems have Approval apps.



  2. Roel van den Berge

    Thanks for your blogs Masayuki!

    I have an important addition: you need to apply SAP Note 1821503 or the building of the service URL will go wrong (it will take the _PGW system alias where it should take the backend alias). This note should be added to the installation guide. I would not have been able to solve this if it wasn’t for the help of a very helpful SAP employee.

    Cheers, Roel

    EDIT: I now see that note 1821503 is referenced in note 1866093 (Patches for the Gateway SPS06 required for FIORI) which is mentioned in the installation guide. This note was inaccessible a couple of days ago. Everything seems to be working now 🙂

      1. Mihir Janaj

        Hi Masayuki,

        I have implemented all the notes mentioned in the installation document,

        except for a few like 1850312 and 1799722 cuz it says the system does not allow changes mentioned in the note. (Opened all clients)

        still i am facing the same error “task facade not implemented for the provider”

        Note. I am trying for leave requests app.

        Task Facade not implemented for provider. [/IWBEP/CX_MGW_TECH_EXCEPTION] (error)

  3. Ankit Jain

    Hi Masayuki,

    I have reconfigured all the steps and while accessing the manager APP it gives a new error message

    I am now receiving a error Task Facade not implemented for provider.

    Detailed error message

    Task Facade not implemented for provider.

    Task Facade not implemented for provider. [/IWBEP/CX_MGW_TECH_EXCEPTION] (error)


  4. Ankit Jain

    Hi Masayuki,

    The application was for Purchase requisition approval and issue has been solved

    but now its giving error for the same PR approval.

    Error :

    A problem occurred while reading the data


    Check the URL parameters and the scenario definition.



    1. Masayuki Sekihara Post author

      What was the root cause for Task Facade error? Please share the solution.

      For new error, error message says check the scenario definition. I guess you have skipped scenario definition which is described in the installation guide.

      1. Ankit Jain

        Hi Masayuki,

        The Cause of Task Facade Error : Services was not maintained
        for example PR approval, need to create Sysytem Aliases related to IWPGW/BWF.

        Here’s the flow :  SAP
        Netweaver > Gateway > OData Channel > Configuration >
        Administration > General Settings > Activate and Maintain Services.

        This is the error, while defining scenario definition after
        that it ask for ‘Assign Role to Consumer Type and Scenario’ for this it ask for
        ‘Scenario Identifier’ it ask for ‘Maintain enteries’ now it ask for Project and
        it’s not defined in Installation Guide.

        ERROR :

        A problem occurred while reading the data

        Check the URL parameters and the scenario definition. To check the scenario definition, go to customizing for SAP NetWeaver Gateway and choose SAP NetWeaver -> Gateway Service Enablement -> Content -> Task Gateway Service -> Scenario Definition.



            1. Kousik Goon

              Hi Masayuki,

              I am getting this error in SAP Fiori leave Request Approval Application when Application trying to retrieve data. I can see from ECC workflow that its initiated properly . Should I create a separate thread for this issue ?

        1. Sheetal Deshmukh

          Hey Ankit ,

          Can you tell me how did you resolved this error ?

          ERROR :

          A problem occurred while reading the data
          Check the URL parameters and the scenario definition. To check the scenario definition, go to customizing for SAP NetWeaver Gateway and choose SAP NetWeaver -> Gateway Service Enablement -> Content -> Task Gateway Service -> Scenario Definition.


  5. Björn Harzer

    Hi Masayuki,

    I have the same problem as you describe here. I have defined a system alias LOCAL for software version default and LOCAL_PGW for /IWPGW/BWF – but still get the same error.

    Any other idea what is missing? It seems that the provider classes are missing? Is there a way to check which model provider class and data provider class has to be implemented? I would then simply debug the classes to find out what is wrong…



    1. Masayuki Sekihara Post author

      Hi Bjoern,

      Yes. you can debug the code and find the root cause.

      Go to the transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG, Error context -> call stuck.

      Set an external break point.



      SAP Rapid Innovation Group – RIG

  6. Manuel Lesiourd


    Thanks a lot for this post, it was really helpful!

    Can I add a request?

    Could you please detail the “Scenario Definition” step in the config of Fiori apps? My focus is on the “Approve Purchase Orders” and “Approve Requisitions” apps. I couldn’t find anywhere in the documentation the values of the parameters that you have to set in the SPRO screen “NetWeaver -> Gateway Service Enablement -> Content -> Task Gateway Service -> Scenario Definition”…

    Thanks a lot,


  7. Devisha Bhavik

    Hi Masayuki,

    Thanks for this blog.

    But I have got confused based on the implementation guide for My Inbox.

    Based on the above help, I believe that ODATA service needs to be added from the Front end server and not from the back end server.

    Once that is done, how it would assume to connect to respective backend system to get the workflow tasks?

    Do we need to add ODATA service: taskprocessing from the backend system? I do not have that on the backend system.

    Based on the help link, if I am on NW 7.40 for backend, I do not have to add any separate components for this app.

    Can you please clarify?


    1. Masayuki Sekihara Post author

      Hi Bhavik,

      IW_PGW is TASKPROCESSING OData component in the frontend server and SAPGW_FND( including IW_BEP) is in the backend server. Assigned system alias points to the backend and OData will get workitem data from backend.

      If it is not clear, please create a new Discussion.


      Masa / SAP Technology RIG

      1. Devisha Bhavik

        Hi Masayuki,

        I have created new disucssion on the same. Link is:

        My Inbox application not working

        My concern was, when we try to add the service on Frontend server, do we use system alias as LOCAL or the one for backend system?

        If we use for backend system, we do not see the taskprocssing oData.



  8. Stewart Osborne

    Hi Masayuki,

    I am just configuring my inbox application in our embedded system.  But I am getting error “Task Facade not implemented for provider”  when accessing my inbox app from fiori Launchpad. Below are the details of the error, system alias  and taskprocessing service details.  Please advise if I am missing any configurations.




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