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Copying Authorization Profiles from One User to Another

After defining the general authorizations for a certain user, you can copy his or her authorization profile to another user.


Ensure that the users are already defined in the company.

For more about defining users see the online help


To copy authorizations to multiple users:

  1. In the Authorizations window, on the left side, select a user who has the authorizations that you want to copy.

To check the authorizations for specific users, select a user and in the Authorization column, the permissions for the selected user are displayed.

  1. Drag and drop the user name onto the name of the user to whom you want to copy the authorizations.
  2. In the System Message window, choose the Copy button.
  3. Choose the Update button, then choose the OK button.

The second user now has the same authorizations as the first.

The following behavior applies when changing authorizations in SAP Business One:

  • When you change the authorization of a parent article, for example, from No Authorization to Full Authorization, the change is applied automatically to all the child authorizations below it.
  • If you change the parent article to Read Only, and one or more of the child authorizations do not include the Read Only option, this child authorization is set with the value No Authorization.
  • When you change an authorization that has a parent article, and that parent article represents an application window (for example, the authorization for the Business Partner Master Data window under Business Partners in the Authorizations tree), the parent article is not influenced and retains the same authorization it had before the child authorization was changed.
  • When you change an authorization that has a parent article, and that parent article represents a menu entry in SAP Business One, but with no application window (for example, Setup, under Administration in the Authorizations tree) the following behavior applies:

If after the change of the child authorization, the values of the child authorizations below the specific parent article vary (for example, one child authorization is set to No Authorization and the other is set to Full Authorization), the parent article is set with the value Various Authorizations.

If after the change of the child authorization, all of the child authorizations of a specific parent article are set to the same value, the parent article is set to that value as well.

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