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These are the steps for downloading note in SNOTE

  • Go to transcation SNOTE
  • Navigate to the menu Goto -> Download SAP Note
  • Enter the Note number and Execute


These are the steps for Uploading the Note in SNOTE

  • Go to transcation SNOTE
  • Navigate to the menu Goto -> Upload SAP Note
  • Select the Note file from the file browser (DAT format)


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  1. Former Member

    Nice document.

    But you can download a NOTE through the SNOTE transaction only and only if your RFC connection SAPOSS works fine .

    If it does not work then you need to manually download the note from SAP service market place and upload it to your local server . And then only you will be able to implement the note .

    But the note gets downloaded in the .txt format and then you can search for that particular file and upload it .

    1. Former Member Post author

      There is no mention of storing in local disk .

      Two ways : 1. Download Note 2. Upload Note (Provided you have .DAT file)

      Have been explained above .

  2. Former Member

    Dear Abhilash,

    More information required for SNOTE apply.

    for example,

    1. SAPOSS Connection required for downloading SNOTE.

    2.Two types of SNOTEs are available

    3.When applying SNOTE Transport Request will be created

    4. SAP Notes having dependencies


    Anyway great document.


    V Srinivasan

  3. James Wong

    Hi All,

    SAP note assistant developers created videos on how to implement SAP Notes.  You can refer to blog for more information: Videos on how to implement SAP Notes using SNOTE

    This blog covered videos with topics below:

    •SIM New Version of Note Assistant:

    Tutorial objectives – You will be able to understand and work with the new functions in the new version of Note Assistant.

    •SIM  Note Assistant 1    :

    Tutorial objectives – You will be able to load, organize and implement SAP Notes in your system using the Note Assistant.

    •SIM  Note Assistant 2    :

    Tutorial objectives – You will be able to use the Modification Assistant to insert modifications to a program, a header line and a screen.

    •SIM  Note Assistant 3    :

    Tutorial objectives – You will be able to implement SAP Notes with manual interaction and use the split-screen editor in the Note Assistant to adapt corrections.

    •SIM  Note Assistant 4    :

    Tutorial objectives – You will be able to perform Modification adjustment after a Support Package has been imported.

    Hope it is helpful!

    Best regards,

    James Wong

  4. Junaid Ahmad

    Dear Sir,

    I want to know that can we apply SNOTE directly to PRD server.


    we have to apply first at DEV server,test and then apply in PRD server.

    Is there any SAP document for describing this,If yes…then please share the document.

    Please guide me…!!



    1. Former Member

      Hello Junaid,

        As a better practice always appy the SAP NOTE first in DEV then Quality and then Prod .

      And how to apply SAP NOTE you can follow the above document .



      1. Former Member

        Hi Junain,

        I would just like to add that since transport requests are created upon application of an SNOTE, it is useful to transport the TRs especially if you are applying bulk SNOTES from DEV to PRD.


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