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Customizing Display and Search in IDM – Display

Something that comes up in every IDM implementation is the customization of User Display and Search options. In this Blog entry I’d like to cover customizing Display options.  I will handle the customization of Search Options later this week.

To start let’s take a look at an out of the box implementation of IDM. Note the Details Section.  It’s pretty basic; we don’t seem to know a whole lot more about the user. We see some attributes but what else can we display about them?

It would be nice if we could find out about this Tony Stark, who is he affiliated with?  Is he a good guy or a bad guy?  That’s the problem with these superheroes, we just don’t know. 🙂 Let’s see if we can make some changes to IDM so that we can find out more. 

Image 001a.png

To start with, let’s take a look at the entry type for this type of IDM Object, which in this case is MX_PERSON.  Note that the techniques in this blog will work for most viewable Entry Types with little modification.

Image 002a.png

What we see immediately is that we can specify both a Display task and a Search task. For this blog we will concentrate on the Display task. Note if you do not have these tasks in your IDM configuration, SAP thoughtfully includes them in IDM. These can be imported from the drive where IDM is installed, typically: \usr\sap\IdM\Identity Center\Templates\Identity Center\SAP Provisioning framework\. The import file name is called Sample_Tasks.mcc.

Image 003.png

Now we can select the attributes that we want to display.

Image 004a.png

And they will be updated in the UI:

Image 005a.png

What do you know? Tony Stark is a Good Guy with The Avengers!

So you see in a few easy steps a Display task can be created and configured to show additional detail about users, and other Entry Types in SAP NetWeaver Identity Management. Next time it will be on to Search Customizations!

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      Author's profile photo Steffi Warnecke
      Steffi Warnecke

      Hello Matt,

      I'm a sucker for super heroes, so I loved the blog already for the example users! 😀

      Nice little blog with big effect IMO, because it shows how little it really takes to do these helpful changes, if you know where to look.

      Customizing IdM masks can look pretty complicated when you start in this field (and there is enough of it that is complicated in my opinion ^^). So having these ToDo's really help getting you started and kind of introduce you to the IdM management console and it's structure. Help you getting eased into it.

      I'm looking forward to more blogs like this from you, because I never stop tweaking the look and feel of our IdM and still got so much to learn to do it. ^^



      Author's profile photo Matt Pollicove
      Matt Pollicove
      Blog Post Author


      It's my pleasure.  Just wait, there will be more Superhero fun in the next segment!

      If there are other areas that you would be interested in learning about, please let me know, either here or via Direct Message.  I'll be happy to consider them!



      PS - Glad you enjoyed the Superheroes, if you like Star Trek, check out my ModRDN blog entry (

      Author's profile photo Steffi Warnecke
      Steffi Warnecke

      Hello Matt,

      oh, my brain just went crazy. I had to calm it down, so it stops suggesting stuff. 😀 I already saw some time ago, that you put up a lot of blogs about IdM (and I read some of them), so I'll read through those first to see, if you didn't already wrote about that I would suggest. 🙂

      And thank you for the StarTrek-link (so to speak)!
      Since we're in the middle of implementing more AD-administration through IdM right now (user-administration as first part), this comes in handy. I need to find my way into this new topic, so that blog was a very good start.