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auto update frontend Hana Studio to later revision

Instead of downloading and copying SAP_HANA_STUDIO Media to every workstation whenever there’s a new revision released, we can simply update HANA system’s hdbstudio_update via SUM, create a software site in frontend Hana Studio to the updated hdbstudio_repository, and Yes! your Hana Studio will get updated itself automatically.


a) Update HANA System to latest revision, which include HANA Server, HANA Client, HANA Studio, Saphostagent, SUM4HANA via SUM.

b) Once done, hdbstudio_repository in /hana/shared/SID will get updated.

c) Ensure SUM is running on the HANA System by executing ./

d) Launch Hana Studio on your fronted and go to Windows -> Preferences -> Install/Update -> Available Software Sites and enter the update Hana System fqdn ended with :8080/studio_repository


e) Click “OK” and try to “RELOAD” to ensure connectivity and information are able to loaded from the HANA System.

f) Now go to Automatic Updates and select option as depicted below:

g) Click “OK” and quit/close Hana Studio

h) Lauch HANA Studio and you’ll notice:

i) Click on the message prompts and it’ll show you the newer version available:

j) Click “Next” -> “OK” and frontend Hana studio is updating and completed within few mins.

k) Restart HANA studio and check its version, just to ensure the correct and updated version is reflected.

This is more realistic and time saving, make administrator task easier 😉


Nichola Chang

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