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My take on SAP HANA?

My previous version of this posting was a little harsh according to some folks so here is another take on it…

After the last 2 or so years of, all consuming news on SAP HANA I’d like to see the accelerated release of apps taking advantage of it’s analytics, performance and volume capabilities. I’d like to hear more news around the applications that leverage SAP HANA’s capabilities rather than HANA itself. As an example, in a few months time SAP EM is being released on SAP HANA and once I get my hands on it I’ll be able to gauge the net gain for a prospective client for using EM on HANA vs. not. The point is that the business value comes from SAP EM and without it HANA is irrelevant in this regard. Now SAP EM on HANA may well provide added value and that’s where it plays an important role. A blog will follow on that in the future…

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  • Many things SAP is doing these days is encouraging partners to fill the gaps, do the needful, provide day-to-day added value etc. I don’t mind let them have fun with HANA and do the real hard work for 95% of the “ecosystem” (real customers).

  • Hi Kevin,

    I can relate to your feelings, but man, grow up please! 🙂

    Seriously: IMO SAP is hyping HANA because it’s a major new source of revenue for them and it allows them to go beyond the traditional enterprise apps (startups).

    And the business value should come from the improved (or even completely rethought) business functionality that just isn’t possible without a database like HANA. But there’s still a lot of work to do for them on that front, because you need to rewrite a lot to get that going, and that takes time.

    So yes, I can understand you’re getting tired from this messaging (I’ve had the same feeling all over 2012), but I think this stuff is going to get more interesting for business oriented folks like yourself.

    Thanks for the nice rant!

    • Fred,

      I’m sure that I’ll eventually grow up 😉 but in the meantime I’ll just live vicariously through SAP blog postings. I actually do understand that this is something quite big for SAP and as you eluded to, it still needs a lot of supporting actors before it becomes a hit for all…

      On a side note: Some folks thought I was awfully harsh on SAP and others could relate to what I was saying. Which ever side you fall on, you are entitled to your opinion as am I. Now it’s time to get back to work… 😀