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Get basic details of the table in single click


This article will elaborate you, how to get the basic details of table/s like Number of lines i.e. number of entries, Table width, Memory in KB, Table Category, Delivery class and package of the table in single click.


1.      1. Go to SE38 and enter the program name RSTABLESIZE and execute.


2.      2.Enter the table name.

      If you know the delivery class of the table then check the No Class L tables or No class A tables as per the table delivery class.

      If you don’t know you can uncheck all the check boxes and execute the report.



3.       3. Enter the table name and Check the Compress Cluster if you want to get the details of the pool or cluster of a table.




4.          4.  For multiple tables enter the table name including  * as shown below :



               In this way we can get the basic details of the table in single click.

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