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3 Ways to find PSA Table Name

Hi All,

This doc will help you how to find psa table name.

We have 3 ways to find PSA table name.

1.  Use table at SE11 , Table – RSDSTS: click on display, choose, contents , you can
give data source name and execute. You will see below details in a row.


2. At RSA1, left side select info provider or Data source, go to respective data source ,select your data source(showed
in green circle), select on wrinch symbol, marked in red circle. Below screen
comes up. There you can see PSA Table.


My 2ns step and below screens shows same. but way is different. in below link, we need to go data source, from menu –> Go To–> Technical attributes.

3.  At RSA1, left side choose  info provider, right side, go to respective data source, right click–> manage, there one pop screen comes, there on
top you may see request for psa /BIC/B0000XXX. For this name you need to add 3 ‘0’ at end. That will indicate psa name. i.e my below screen show as /BIC/B0000574, so my psa name will be /BIC/B000574000. You can see the same name in below 2nd screen.


From below my screen PSA Table name – /BIC/B0000574000:


Very small information but might be useful.

Thanks for reading…..

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