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Author's profile photo K Jogeswara Rao

Rating the replies of discussions !

Rating the replies of discussions


Author: Jogeswara Rao K

After a gap the author started actively participating in discussions etc of few spaces of his interest.

The new avatar of SCN is interesting and inspiring to participate in the various categories of posts (Discussions, Blogs, Documents etc).

I congratulate the entire SCN team for this accomplishment.

The new score-racing environment will certainly tap the knowledge from members to the SCN repository.


it is seen that some clear redundant and poor quality replies are also being posted.

What comes to my mind as a suggestion is:.

Assuming that the moderators’ knowledge in the space is the Bench-mark, there should be a rating procedure by the moderator to the replies received.

This rating may also carry some marks. Also this rating should be irrespective of the discussion-post ended with a solution.

The only objective to propose this is to maintain the quality of answers and hence the standards of the forum.

There are many members, who maitain this dignity, and clearly not in the race of achieving gaming heights though they possess best of the knowledge.

This blog is not to discourage people from posting, but to further improve the effectiveness of this great place called SCN.

I also suggest there should be sound mechanism to check the cartel situations, if already not there.

with best regards to SCN and all its members

Jogeswara Rao K

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      Author's profile photo Jason Lax
      Jason Lax

      Thanks for your feedback and I understand where you're going with this.

      You can now like message replies but I understand you want something going further. I personally think this might be overkill considering there is already a rating bar for the thread but you're welcome to submit your ideas to SCN Innovation and Enhancements.

      Read my colleagues blog post Looking Back, Moving Forward: SCN in Idea Place to learn more about this initiative and workings.

      Author's profile photo Jogeswara Rao K
      Jogeswara Rao K
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Jason,

      I've just fir the first time logged into the 'Innovation' forum. This is a good place for such posts.

      Presently, I found a thread matching with my post.

      Thank you for reply, I'll be using the new site for posting my ideas.

      Author's profile photo Lukas Weigelt
      Lukas Weigelt

      Agreeing with Jason on this (that doesn't happen often, does it? 😛 ). The mods already have tons of work to do keeping the forum 'clean' from low quality content, handling notifications/reports and also, since moderation has been turned on after the spam-wave, approving content. I don't think some kind of internal mod-rating of content is affordable or reasonable. Furthermore, ultimately the Benchmark for 'having a hunch' on a particular forum originates from synergy between the responsible mods and certain non mods most of the time (as far as I have experienced); thus the 'not reasonable'.

      Author's profile photo Jason Lax
      Jason Lax

      This thread post is a keeper: bookmarking it now... 😆

      Author's profile photo Lukas Weigelt
      Lukas Weigelt

      argh, what have I done 😀

      Author's profile photo Marssel Vilaça
      Marssel Vilaça

      Interesting question. I think it´s better the rating come from the post owner.

      Moderator rating or moderator mark existing posts isn't democratic solution because points are awarded accordind creator wish and feelings.

      I believe would be better emphasize fresher members the culture in rating helpful postings.

      Best Wishes

      Author's profile photo Jürgen L
      Jürgen L

      Not every moderator is a subject matter expert, so it is not realistic to say that moderators' knowledge in the space is the Bench-mark

      Even I a moderator and Top contributor  learn everyday something new, and I have certainly some very weak areas in MM too, because they are´just not my duty and I could not make any experience.

      Everyone is able to like good answers. I even see some likes from time to time for answers I gave in 2007. If the people who ask the question would always give their feedback, either written or in form of likes and marking helpful and correct answers, then this would be the best as they can really measure if the answer helped them.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      I agree that something should be done about the low quality or just plain incorrect replies in the forums, excuse me, discussions. I've been pointing out since New SCN was in beta that there was no way to rate the forum replies.

      Not sure about other forums, but in SD it's not unusual to see almost the same response posted 3-4 times. This shouldn't be the moderator's job though, rather the community members should be able to "weed out" such items. Amazon has a button 'this thread does not contribute to the discussion' (or something like that). When enough people click this button, the thread gets 'collapsed'. It still may be viewed, but one would have to click another button to do so.

      Considering that with all the white space etc. sometimes only about 5 replies fit on a page, it would be great to have an opportunity to hide at least the repetitive replies that don't add any value.

      Author's profile photo Jürgen L
      Jürgen L

      I am certainly with you.

      Many times the same answer is certainly not nice, but it needs tact and sensitivity.

      It is not seldom that all redundant replies are given within 5 minutes, so it is likely that one did not know about the other answer. Today I just rejected such a reply, which was posted several weeks after the first reply. I then reject with a link to the forum rules, which clearly say: Make sure that your response is not redundant

      If I see an obvious wrong answer in the moderation queue, then it gets rejected, if it is already seen, then I certainly step in and prove the contrary. But as said above, I am not the SME for everything

      I certainly miss the more engaged contribution of the original poster in cases where contrary advises are given. At least I would expect that they come back and tell "I have tested it, it does not work the way you told" .

      Author's profile photo Srinu S
      Srinu S

      Really excellent thought. thanks for sharing 🙂