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Is Helping others that much EASY?

HI SCNers,

Is helping others that much EASY?

This question is bothering me from last one year, because I’m in to the training of fresh graduates who are in to SAP.

Their questions about business scenarios that comes in to their mind, some extra functions and fields in SAP are little difficult to answer. The issues they get while they are practicing are sometimes makes me mad. Their repeated mistakes in testing, makes me laugh because it’s very difficult to control. For ex. entering dates like 31.06.2013.

But after seeing the members of SCN and their continuous support to the forum, my energy levels are increasing day by day.

Thank you SCN and its members..

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  • Hi Satish,

    Training freshers – well that takes me way back.  Although I was involved in training new users – I still am these days – not training new technical people. 

    Of course we can’t control all the silly little mistakes people make.  But I am happy that you have blogged about the help you receive here on SCN.

    Maybe (depending on the level of your ‘freshers’) they should also be introduced to SCN?  Maybe they can find the answers to their own questions?

    Of course, I would never recommend a search on date formats for data entry.


    • HI Susan,

      Thanks for the reply, and I already introduced them to SCN, and also told how effectively we can use it to solve an error. I share some important docs and discussions I found on the topic with them.

      Of course, I would never recommend a search on date formats for data entry.

      Yes, that type of issues should be taken care by self.



  • Hi Satish,

       Training and solving the problems of new techies will help you in gaining knowledge, improve your skills and also helps the new techies to overcome their problems in SAP.




    • Hi Sandeep,

      Thanks for the reply….helping others in learning is always helpful…but what I meant to post is ‘ its not an easy job’. You have to keep on improving your self and learn new things… In that way scn helped me a lot….so just wanted to share it….thank u



  • Hi Satish,

    yes giving training to fresh graduates is some what difficult , they don’t have the practical knowledge in the particular  platform. I’m also into the training of freshers. but I enjoyed it very well. Be patient and one day you will be get used to your work.. 😆



  • Hi Satish,

    Totally getting what you are saying, especially because i have been a hard student to convince. And often reached a point where i could dig no further in and find no way into it – simply because would have to re-invent the wheel – for which often lost patience – few such examples would be understanding how they derive formula for “combination without repetition and where order does not matter” and “floating gate EEPROM”. Some of the topics were never part of syllabus but just the hunger to know more. Frankly, just kept passing engineering because i knew the base concepts but the amount of syllabus they put without even 20% of practicals. Makes me think, was it even worth it? And then we gradually loose our interest because we think, we are the odd one out, thinking trash.

    Like for example – all right, i have my GUI, but how really do they convert those assembly language into high/low voltage – yeah i remember learning AND/XOR gates, and how to do binary arithmetics and clocks but that quite still did not explain the exact moment when those 001111 got converted into voltage.

    And whats the use – nothing much actually – except if you are an amateur.

    But through all this, learnt just 1 thing – we really need to bring into picture of what we are teaching.

    And believe me if we want more “patents” in our nation, we ought to struggle with those who are actually questioning everything.

    I have not yet started to teach , but if at all i do – i know the mountain of challenges teachers actually face – keeping time, syllabus and inquisitiveness equally balanced.

    Im totally off SAP right now probably, but being a teacher/trainer is just so challenging but you guys really hold the key to make a student successful.

    Sorry for the long speech, just wanted to share on how much teaching really is important and the responsibility and keys you guys hold.



  • Hi Satish,

    first of all, you have put a very good point to discuss and express individual’s view. Its really nice.

    my view is;

    As per as training (to freshers/someone who is very new to technology/domain) whether it is related to SAP or any topic is concerned, what i think is, it is like teaching/giving knowledge to individual one from scratch about that particular domain/technology.

    Tutor has to have much patience. It is much required.

    trainees might not be having any idea of that technology but once you start giving them brief intro, they would be having thousands of questions but it might not be possible to answer all of the questions at a time. At the end of the day trainees must be confident what they have learn. this is my believe.



    • Hi jithendra,

      Thanks for the reply….

      The main problem with the freshers will start because they dont listen to what ever you said, till that time and they will ask a question related to whatever you said until now…. If they can concentrate on whatever you are telling nobody can beat them…..but. thats impossible…because its completely new topic to understand and convert the same to their understanding…..

      But at the end of the day once they understand whatever I said my goal is reached….