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Configuration settings in DSiM and Issues list


As part of configuration settings , we need to activate DSiM BI content which are some info objects, Data sources, process chains etc, while installing BI content or activating some other objects, we came across with  issues and listing down some of them as follows .

Issue # 1. Data source /DDF/LOCATION_ATTR(PC_DSIM) : Version N does not exist

Solution:  While installing D.S from BI content make sure Match/Xcopy check box is selected , it will resolve your issue. Please see attached doc.

We need to activate some Business Configuration (BC) sets using Tcode : SCPR20 while doing configuration settings;








We got few issues on BC sets activation which are :

Issue # 1 Owner DANY does not exist

Solution : Create same user(DANY) in SU01  and try re-activation, it will work

Issue # 2 Activation ended with errors .

Solution : After activation, it will pop up another window Äctivation options”, in that choose ‘Select Activation Mode ‘as  Expert mode and re-activate , it will work 

Process Monitor : It allows you to monitor all processes statuses , it is Webdynpro application(/DDF/WDA_ADU_PFC_OVP) which needs to be added to your favorites to see all processes statuses in single place, for the first time if you execute PC monitor , it will throw following error

Issue # 3  “Service can’t be reached

Solution : Please reach to BASIS team to configure required settings.

please find attached for details


Some times , system was throwing below error and its disconnected from server

Issue # 4 : DB error : SQL error 133 occured

Solution : SAP has resolved all these errors in advanced service packs, make sure, your system has below versions and service packs

SAP BW 7.31 with SP 07 on HANA Database and HANA Data base revision upgrade to 56

it will resolve above issue, please find attached for issue details

Process chain issues : Do remember, don’t try to execute process chain from RSPC ,DSiM doesn’t allow to run any Process chain individually as we do in BW. If so, it will throw below error

Issue # 5 : Infopackage REQU_ request number is not linked ot step

Solution : Execute processes through only Process Monitor





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  • Hi Medhu,

    I am working on the DSiM config and have followed your posts(thanks!) and the help

    document so far.

    I’ve activated “Process Monitor” Webdynpro application and added it to my favorites.

    it doesn’t show anything other than ‘No data available’ when I run the application. (it doesn’t throw any error message either) 

    you mentioned that ‘Execute processes through only Process Monitor‘, I cannot execute as Process Monitor is empty.

    do you have any idea why it doesn’t bring anything ?

    Data Upload Webdynpro shows the jobs, files are in “Inbound” folder, config is done.

    Many thanks


        • Hi Onur,

          To be sure… the daemons are set-up and the jobs are in status “Running”? Especially the Folder Scanner?

          The System has full writing rights on the file server where the files are stored (Inbound, Process, Archive)?

          You have files in the Inbound folder but those are not being picked up…?

          The path to the files has been maintained in the customizing?

          Normally, if configuration is complete and the daemon is running, the files should be picked up from the Inbound folder and copied over to the Process folder. After that, you will see something in the Process Monitor in the area “Scheduled” or “Running”.

          BR Anna

          • Thanks Anna,

            We have had some successes. We found a number of dumps when these processes were executing that we traced back to a HANA client /HANA DB mismatch. We’ve patched the HANA client and have been able to load at least some data.

            Thanks again