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Author's profile photo Alessandro Spadoni

My random thoughts after SAP HCP CodeJam Rome

After the wonderful Sap Hana Cloud Platform Code Jam in Rome, I’m writing my first blog on this Scn space:I’m sure it will be the first one of a series and I’ll try to write often as well as I’ll try to learn and exploring around the platform.

First of all I want to thank Rui Nogueira and Peter Peshev from SAP: they had a lot of patience and fancy to teach a lot of stuff to all partecipants, fixing the problems, configuring the dev environment , clearing all our doubts , etc…

Now i feel more confident with the hcp platform thanks to them!

I would also thank my colleague Patrizia Rossi , she deals with the organization and it wasn’t an easy challenge: finding the best location,  inviting people that should be interested to the platform , she fighted against a lot of other small and big problems during the last months

Hcp platform from an abaper point of view

I’m not an experienced java developer and I had a goal with the event : creating the final webapp quiz  running on HCP to assign the 3 ebooks from . I think having a specific goal and little time  are positive factors to reach it.

Now I have a basic knowledge of the platform and the quiz was done!but this is another story…I have to write a more technical blog about it 🙂


Moreover,I work with aged Sap j2ee stacks (7.01 = jdk 1.4) so I need to improve my knowledge of the  “new” modern java (Filters,annotations,and so on…) .

The best slide : open source

in my opinion this is the most important slide….all the open source logos!


No more developer studio, no more nwdi,just eclipse with plugins!SAP HANA Cloud is build technology and source code management system agnostic

Thanks to Rui Nogueira you can download full slides from  the hcp portal event here

Sdk 1.x or 2.x?

Our friend Francesco Bersani asked many interesting questions to Rui and Peter, one of those was in common with myself : Which sdk is better to use? 1.x or 2.x? Here we can check the differences with supported APIs

Most of the tutorials uses 1.x so I went to the CodeJam with an 1.x sdk.

Now I downloaded a 2.x and I’m going to use it especially for 2 reasons:

“I hate Maven! ” “Why? I love it!”

Evernote Camera Roll 20130616 145821[1].png

Patrizia Rossi and I were creating a project following an end to end tutorial about the persistence service,suddenly our nightmare was in front of us:

“the pom with the red cross”!

Patrizia said: “I hate Maven!I want to create a simple web app with db interaction..I don’t know Maven!”

I think she was right 🙂 the best way to start with basics concepts is importing projects from the Sdk/samples folder without using maven (As we did it during the event).


After exploring sdk/samples projects let’s try to understand how maven works,now I learned basics concepts and I can say I love it!

Why should I learn git?

A java developer should say  “I use Svn” as well as an abaper sharing abap on Sap Code Exchenge!
They can use Svn because HCP “is source code management agnostic”.
However I think git is becoming a standard, all the repos provided by Sap are in github, all the end to end tutorials use git and knowing git could be an added value to contribute in interesting open source projects.

This is a great free book to learn git (for all my italian friends,there is also the italian version)

A look at the UI…Javascript!

If you want to create cool and modern web application you need to have basics javascript skill, I want to mention a tweet I liked quoted by Graham Robinson in this John Moy blog

learning Javascript used to mean you weren’t a “serious software developer”. today, not learning Javascript means the same thing.

Do you want to create a Sapui5 application in abap stack? You must use javascript

Do you want to create an Hana XS application? You must use javascript

Do you want to create a Sapui5 web app in hcp? You must use javascript

Do you want to create a web app in hcp with twitter bootstrap and backbone.js or angular.js without using Sapui5?You must use javascript

Do you want to create a Sapui5 web app in sap java stack on premise? You must use javascript

Do you want to create a cool web mobile app running directly on abap stack using Bsp?You must use s javascript framework like jquery mobile,sencha touch or another one

Do you want to create an hybrid mobile app with phonegap?You use javascript

Do you want to create a mobile app using Appcelerator? You use javascript

and so on…

See you on the next blog about Hana Cloud Platform!

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      Author's profile photo Rui Nogueira
      Rui Nogueira

      Thanks Alessandro for your blog post. I really liked the quiz app you've created for the event and hope to see many blogs from you and other SAP HCP users about their experience with our open platform.



      Author's profile photo Rui Nogueira
      Rui Nogueira

      Other blogs like the one from Patrizia talking about her CodeJam experience in Rome.

      It's available on the CodeJam community:


      Author's profile photo Patrizia Rossi
      Patrizia Rossi

      Well done Ale! It's a great blog 🙂

      Ps: I hate the pom with the red cross 🙂

      Author's profile photo Harald Mueller
      Harald Mueller

      Nice blog Alessandro and kudos to Rui on the cool portal site & the content.

      Have to learn myself how to do that.

      I like the "sap java stack on promise" - hope we deliver on some of those. 😉


      Author's profile photo Alessandro Spadoni
      Alessandro Spadoni
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Harald!

      a funny mistake 😆 ,now I fix it 😀

      Author's profile photo flavio ciotola
      flavio ciotola

      Ciao Alessandro,

      Very nice blog, and looking forward to reading your next ones!


      Author's profile photo Andreas Fritzler
      Andreas Fritzler

      Great blog post! Enjoyed reading it!