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What is new in Mobile BI 5.0 – Part 2 ASUG Webcast

Srikanth Rao, SAP Product Manager, provided this Mobile BI 5.0 webcast today.  See What is new in Mobile BI 5.0 ASUG Webcast Part 1

Content Specific Enhancements

Web Intelligence


Figure 1: Source: SAP

Figure 1 shows the support for additional chart types from Web Intelligence for Mobile BI 5.0.


Figure 2: Source: SAP

Figure 2 shows custom axis scaling support for Web Intelligence.


Figure 3: Source: SAP

Reverse bullet chart, used as a visual cue to meet targets, is now supported.


Figure 4: Source: SAP

Geo Analysis supported on iPhone as well (already supported on iPad)

You can control order of dimension and measure


Figure 5: Source: SAP

Figure 5 shows two more options are provided to view latest instance; previously this was not supported


Figure 6: Source: SAP

Figure 6 shows that the Back button supported, for all content types, not just Web Intelligence


Figure 7: Source: SAP

Figure 7 shows support for Web Intelligence as a PDF; you can swipe between pages, one continuous document.  You can refresh, select right click, mobile properties, show as PDF and tag to mobile category


Figure 8: Source: SAP

Figure 8 shows support for font style bold & italics in table header background

Notice in Figure 8 that the table header has a blue background



Figure 9: Source: SAP

Figure 9 shows the renamed charts for Dashboards on Mobile.


Figure 10: Source: SAP

Figure 10 shows new chart support on BI Mobile for Dashboards including Bubble and Waterfall charts.


Figure 11: Source: SAP

For QaawS you need to be on the BI4.1 platform

Design Studio Enhancements


Figure 12: Source: SAP

Figure 12 shows Design Studio enhancements for Mobile BI 5., including full screen, iPhone support and OpenDoc support

Demo (subset)


Source: SAP

Automatic filtering as type as shown above


Source: SAP

New List view is shown above.


Source: SAP

My Runway application was build using Mobile SDK for Dashboards

Question & Answer

Special thanks to SAP’s Karsten RUF for answering these questions during the webcast.

Q:  For Android is BOBJ Explorer integrated as well?

A:  We are planning to support Android in a future release of our self service BI offerings but have not yet communicated a release date.  


Q:  So no Explorer at the moment on BI Mobile 5 on Android?

A:  That’s correct.  


Q:  On Android BI Mobile 5 is it have connection to SAP Lumira as well?

A:  No, not yet.  


Q:  On Google store there’s already BI Mobi 5. When will it be on Apple store?

A:  I expect to see the app there before the end of June.  


Q:  Can connections be pushed to users, via e-mail or some other method, or do they have to put in the connection string and credentials manually?

A:  There are several methods: you can use Afaria, the Connection Server, the sapbi URL, or simply tap the “Share” button in the Settings dialog. 

            A:  This is all explained in detail in the admin guide:  


Q:  Is there any Maps component for Dashboard on Mobile (HTML 5) ?

A:  Mobile supports whatever feature is enabled for mobile use in Dashboards designer. The map component is not enabled. However, with Dashboards 4.1, you can use the Dashboards Mobile SDK to build add-ons for mobile use…. 

A:  Some partners are already offering mobile add-ons, maps might be cover there.  


Q:  when is BI 4.0 SP07 is expected

A:  last planned release date I saw was end of July  


Q:  Will there be a way to export the dashboards to HTMKl5 as html5 file and host the file in a server so that it can be accessed via browser?

A:  no, you will need to access via the Mobi app – which provides you with connection security, as well as other app benefits, such as annotation  


Q:  what is exactly Mobi5.0 and how is it related to  BI platform. 

A:  Mobi 5 is a native iOS or Android app, which allows you to connect to your BI platform and leverage your BI content on mobile devices.  


Q:  How will the offline dashoard work? will it deliver to the device with all the data or each & every dataset has to be downlaoded first?

A:  The Dashboard gets downloaded with its data.  


Q:  Does add-on components also include custom connector for mobile dashboards?

A:  We provide the SDK – the add-ons need to be built by customers or partners  


Q:  Do Android BI Mobi 5 support Design Studio?

A:  Android support for Design Studio is planned for 1.2 later this year  


Q:  Are there plans to allow HTML5 rendering for Dashboards on the desktop via BI LaunchPad instead of exclusively to BI Mobile?

A:  The technology of choice for Dashboards for desktops is Flash  


Q:  To make use of BI Mobile 5.0 to view Explorer content, do we need BI 4.1, or BI 4.0 SP06 will work?

A:  For now you need BI 4.1, we’re planning to support older platforms in the next Mobi release  


Q:  So it is safe to say if we choose to author add-ons for Dashboards which have desktop and mobile usage, we will need to plan to dual develop using Flex SDK and HTML5?

  A:  yes, however, experience shows that porting action script (FLash) to javascript is straight-forward  


Q:  When is the planned release of BI4.1 as well as SP1?

A:  The GA depends on meeting the ramp-up criteria – it’s not a fixed time.  


  Q:  Hello, How the licensing will work? Before it was separate for Mobile and Explorer IPAD users, and now since both combine to one application, what will happened to existed licenses ( we had 5 mobile and 5 explorer users but they were different named users)

A:  nothing changes on licensing – mobile use of Explorer or other BI content required a separate license. Your sales rep will be able to give you the details  


Q:  I’ve seen map on dashboard for Runway Insight. Is it real or picture of map?

A:   It is real  

Q:  When will it appear on the app store?

A:  Planned in about a weeek  


Q:  Lumira is supported by BI 4 SP06?

A:  It is platform independent  


Q:  Sorry, I missed the first few min.  Can we use this App with BI4.0 SP5 ?

A:  yes, however, not all features will be available, (like Explorer artifacts)  


Q:  Is the category mentioned here similar to the Mobile Category we have in BI Launchpad?

A:  Yes  


Q:  Does EPM unwired work with this?

A:  Not supported  


Q: Will BI workspaces be supported in mobile? if not, are there any plans to do so?¬

A: No plans to support BI workspaces on Mobile


Q: Lumira Desktop version is not support Mobile?¬

A: Lumira Cloud is supported in Mobi 5.0. In future Lumira Server will also be supported on iPad


Q: Will it be possible to have more control over table presentation such as font size, field width? currently the tables show too much white space¬

A: Control over field width is part of our backlog and will be addressed in subsequent release


Q: ¬[question] Can i get rid of “sample” documents?¬

A: Not yet with Mobi 5.0 version, however this is part of our backlog


Q: Do we have the ability to turn-off the default gallery screen (bank summary, etc) using Or, do we need to rely on SDK?  Thanks, Vijay.¬

A: Same as above question- not available as of today. We will provide an ability to turn of the default sample via standard app as well as SDK.


Thanks to both Srikanth and Karsten for supporting ASUG.  Join ASUG next week for What is New in Mobile BI iOS SDK webcast.

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