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Take the 2013 SCN Mid-Year Member Survey

We know that our members visit SCN often to engage with experts and thought-leaders.
Now we’re asking you to give back.

SCN Member Survey graph 6-17-2013 2-45-09 PM.png

Take the 2013 SCN Member Survey and help us make the SAP Community Network ever better. It requires only a few minutes of your time. Express your opinion and you will feel good about it. You get more value from SCN when you take part.

The SCN team takes your input seriously, so speak your mind!  We read your survey comments and use your feedback to help us focus on the right things.

We want to be pulled in the right directions by our members. Now you can contribute your influence to the SCN community.

Complete the survey and you will be awarded 10 SCN Recognition points when the survey ends.

SCN Member Survey graph 6-17-2013 2-45-09 PM.png
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  • There’s a big, open text field at the end to add comments. Please add yours. We really do read them… and this helps us prioritize improvements and extensions.


  • Hi,

      I finally got a chance to express my opinion. After engaging myself to SCN community for long lasting 5 years. I still feel I am not recognized.

    I hope you consider my opinion regarding   “Reputation and Recognition”  seriously. There were so many instances where members who joined recently joined had dramatic recognition, for me this made me to feel bad, after all these years of contribution to community.

    Thanks SCN



    • to my experience there is not any difference between a new member and members who are active for several years. you can as well get those easy points and badges for the beginner missions.

      And your recognition and reputation is certainly much higher having a Topaz visible next to an answer than a Glass or Aluminium medal.

    • Pavan, just curious – what exactly did you feel was missing from the recognition program?

      I agree that when the points only for the last N days counted it was rather frustrating for the long-standing members. But I believe this has been changed already.

      Also even if you look at SAP Mentors – many of them actually do not have that many points. And with the ratings/likes on the New SCN we actually have something close to a reputation system that we didn’t have before. Certainly it heavily depends on actual participation. So maybe a solution would be to just start doing what you’d want everybody else to do. E.g. if you want more comments on your blog – add comments on somebody else’s. Do what your heart tells you to.

  • Only about 255 characters space in the “please explain” input fields.. :-/ feels like “please provide your personal opinion, but shut the hell up”; wanted to rant provide more feedback than this. Oh well, the big comment field at the end worked out.

    Anyway, thanks for opening this survey; I hope people read the comments and value them more than the statistically evaluable radio-buttons ;-/

    • I hope people read the comments and value them more than the statistically evaluable radio-buttons

      Excellent point, Lukas. Somehow I felt that’s what happened with the previous survey.

    • I can confirm that many, many people read the comments.  The “scores” derived from the radio buttons give us a general overview snapshot of trends, but the comments provide a richness of input and insight that is most interesting and helpful to our planning and prioritizing.

    • We could have made any or all of those input fields size Large, but we were already worried about the total length of the survey, so decided to implement the small ones for the body of the survey, hoping that 255 characters would seem like a feast to the Twitter crowd.

      There is one large input field at the beginning and one at the end for extended input, but, if there is a consensus here, it would be easy to enlarge input fields, even in mid-survey.

      Mark is speaking the truth when he says we read all the comments. We dump them into a spreadsheet and categorize them individually as positive, negative, and belonging to one or more of various topic categories. This helps us sort the comments into ‘buckets’ so we can get a better overview of current topics and issues.

      In our post-survey report, which we deliver to the management team, we liberally sprinkle member’s comments, both positive and negative, that are particularly good at articulating the topic or issue. As Mark pointed out, the written comments are the most interesting part of the exercise.

  • If I remember correctly, there was a question on what department do you belong to and what kind of work do you do. It would be interesting to correlate other replies to these two. You might hear completely different things from the “techies” than from the “communicative types”.

    Also a perception of SCN by someone who just happily follows one space on Twitter and someone who has to go to 5 different places to get what used to be on one page might be a bit different. And mobile device users might have an entirely different view (or might just be happy it works 🙂 ).

  • Hi Keith,

    I have completed the survey today & nice to see that it is going to help to improve SCN stuff.

    Anyway to complete survey was a rhythmic work 🙂 .

    Suggesting to have separate survey for TechEd locations..worldwide. 😉

    Thanks & regards,

    Milind Kulkarni

  • I would like to but I can’t seem to take the survey.  I try to browse out to I can see it handshakes and tries to pass my certficate, but somehow in the process it gets messed up and throws up a logon screen to the SCN site ( that I can not logon into, no matter what I use.  I have tried resetting my password to no avail.  I have tried multiple pc’s, multiple browsers.  Same thing happens on all of them.  I have no certificate/authentication issues with any other part of SCN/SAP.  Seems to be an ID exclusive problem.  Very strange.  I am out of ideas.  Does anyone have any ideas what may be happening?

        • An update on this in case it helps someone else down the road.  My SCN ID was locked.   A second level person responded to my email for help with the following info:


          I’ve unlocked your account.

          Please go to

          Make sure you login to SCN, then on another tab try to open the survey.

          Let me know if you need any further assistance.

          Well that worked and I was able to submit the survey.  I had no idea that my SCN ID could get ‘locked’ but that apparently was what was causing my issue.

          • This might not be the issue in your case, but a lot of SCN members don’t login. After a certain amount of time (months) if inactivity the account can be locked, due to privacy considerations. Be sure to login once-in-a-while to ensure you keep your credentials up to date.

  • I like SCN Member Surveys and look forward for it, as it give the members across the globe an opportunity  to express their opinion to SAP.

    Thank you guys for conducting the survey and keeping the community up to date.



  • Hi Keith,

    First of all Thanx to Keith,It z a best place to give suggestions and opinions taking from SCN members. But it is exceptional Survey.


    Shashi Kanth.