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SAP Fiori for HCM

I recently published a blog on the topic of SAP Fiori and how it relates to our HCM strategy. It deals with questions such as:

  • What is SAP fiori?
  • What is our HCM strategy
  • Suite strategy by:
  • What is the link between Fiori and our solutions?
  • How is SAP’s Fiori licensed?

In summary, Fiori is a great way of provviding a state-of-the-art user experience for the most important and most broadly used seven HR processes.

Timesheet Approval_2.png

My Benefits_1.pngMy Leave Requests_1.png

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    • SAP Fiori can be purchased with Gateway User for Productivity Apps licence, if you don’t have appropriate SAP Application licence (like ESS/MSS)

    • Hello. It can, although we do see Fiori as the first step to a companion mobile portal for ESS andMSS. In that case, it makes sense to have Fiori together with an MSS user. As Vasily explained, an alternate option is to use a gateway pricing

  • Two aspects have to be considered

    • SAP Fiori requires a backend user. This can be an ESS user, MSS user, or an SAP NetWeaver Gateway user for Productivity Apps. Without an ESS/MSS user, access rights are limited to the SAP Fiori apps and their content.
    • Configuration
      The Fiori apps reuses some ESS backend configuration. For example, the Fiori timesheet uses the data entry profile to determine the usage and behavior of the client. You can find more information on the configuration prerequisites in the Fiori installation guide. It is available under
  • Good summary, Jean-Bernard. Thank you for sharing this.

    Fiori is an intriguing solution for companies like mine. We have an ESS/MSS population that is very interested in using their smart phones, iPads and Tablets to view their paystubs, view leave statuses, submit leave requests, etc. Initially we tried to achieve this using the NWBC, but found that even new (EHP5/EHP6) WDA versions of ESS/MSS are not compatible with mobile devices, such as those using Apple’s iOS. It’s nice to see an alternative approach that looks very user-friendly and innovative, and also addresses these compatibility problems.

    Our main issue is pricing. We could have over 23,000 ESS users in our environment in the next 12-18 months, and a surprising number have access to a smart phone, iPad or tablet. With the $150 price per user, we could never equip our entire population with Fiori. Perhaps someday there will be a model where we can offer this to our entire employee population. As it is, we’ll explore using it only for our ‘high-end’ users, as long as the pricing isn’t economical for such high volume.

    Thanks again. Looking forward to exploring Fiori in the months ahead.



    • Hi Jay! SAP plans to make ESS/MSS SAPUI5 and WDA pages to be avaible on Apple iPad.

      I also recommend evaluate SAP WorkDeck app.

      I sure150$ for Fiori is a start price, and package for 20k licences will be much cheaper. So chaffer your SAP account. Good luck!

    • As always,there is a price negotiation aspect to it. I would recommend to consider Fiori in conjunction with ESS andMSS as it is our strategy to position FIori as thefirst step to a mobile ESS and a mobile MSS, companions to our desktop portals, to bring HR processes anywhere anytime.

  • Integration of Fiori and ESS/MSS is the ideal solution. As there is cost involved in Fiori we can move to ESS/MSS with less user enriched UI but this will help us to save money.