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To code or not to code …

… that is the question.


After having read several posts in this area where people were struggling with using our generators I realized that we have plenty of How-To-Guides out that show how to generate OData services for SAP NetWeaver Gateway based on BW Easy Queries, RFC Function Modules, SPI objects but that there is no How-To-Guide out that simply shows how to actually develop a Gateway service.

While the generators are great for a lot of scenarios there will be scenarios that can be better tackled with plain ABAP code.

Knowing what is going on behind the scenes is also beneficial if it comes to troubleshoot generated code as well.

The first document of this series you can find here:

How to Develop a Gateway Service using Code based Implementation

The second document that explains how to handle $filter, $skip and $top can be found here:

How to develop query options for a Gateway Service using code based implementation

When developing it is always useful to test your services. Learn about the sample test cases delivered by SAP as of SP6

Sample test cases

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  • 20.06.2013 added link to second document
  • 21.06.2013 added link to document describing the sample test cases delivered by SAP as of SP6
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