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SAP HANA Cloud CodeJam in Rome…..Walking on a dream

The first CodeJam in Italy, the first SAP Codejam as organizer and the first SAP CodeJam as participants, it was an adrenaline rush for me. I would have never thought that organizing an event was so complex. Looking for the room, preparing everything to attract attention, the fear of not being able to get this event but I managed to do it and I’m so happy for this.
Foto 12-06-13 10 25 50.jpgI always hoped to be able to participate in a SAP CodeJam one day, but also to organize it I would never have imagined, it was really like being in….a dream! It’s another small step to becoming a great technician (and not only) and to exceed my limits. I would thanks Rui Nogueira for this opportunity. It was a great SAP CodeJam about SAP HANA Cloud Platform. I spent several weeks playing with this new platform and I’m so satisfied: I learned many things during this period.  Rui Nogueira and Peter Peshev showed us the main features about SAP HANA Cloud platform and they supported us while we deployed our first application on the Cloud. I saw so much interest by all and the slides about the possible business scenarios were really instructive. My mind is full of ideas now!
Foto 12-06-13 10 36 55.jpg
I would really suggest this Platform to customers of my company Technis Blu , perhaps using the portal to create engaging applications that can simplify and make the data accessible from any device.

My goal is to be able to continue on this way because the use of SAP HANA Cloud Platform can really change a company and can be an added value for both the reduction of costs for the management hardware and for data accessibility . The use of Maven for us developers is not so complicated how it seems 🙂 . We need to practice more, especially if we don’t use these tools every day.
I use this blog also to thank my colleague Alessandro Spadoni : the final quiz that he has realized was really fun. He created a Web Application on SAP HANA Cloud

Platform with two main functions: the random extraction of a participant and the extraction of one of the ten questions prepared by Rui Nogueira and us.

Foto 12-06-13 14 25 46.jpg

We distributed some nice tickets for the extraction of the participants. The questions were of a different nature: some on the Platform and others on the culinary tastes of Rui :-). The three lucky winners were awarded 3 Ebooks kindly offered by SAPPRESS that I’d like to thank again (especially Jon Kent). I hope that all participants had fun.
Foto 16-06-13 16 32 24.jpg

At the end, a special mention for the wonderful gifts received: a Sap Developer jacket for me and a bottle of wine. Fantastic! Now I can tell that I’m really a Sap Developer!   

This dream came true, I hope to be able to attend the next event: SAP TechEd!
Thank you to all!

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